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#FarmFreshFestival – City Girls Meet Farm Life


#FarmFreshFestival – City Girls Meet Farm Life

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  • When you grow up in a city it’s really easy to think that your food just grows in the supermarket. You might believe that a farm is something that Old MacDonald has and fresh veggies for the most part come out of the freezer (if you’re lucky). Over the weekend that changed. The farm came to the City in the form of the Farm Fresh Festival. The South Street Seaport was transformed, complete with farm animals and Dorothy visiting from Kansas (or the New York Public Library. Whatever works for you).

    farm fresh festival - jutabxmom

                                                                    Welcome to the farm!

    It really was a fabulous day. We got there before the day officially started and in normal JustaBXgirl we stayed to close the festival down. JustaBXgirl was able to do some planting, learn about insects and animals, participate in arts and crafts, listen to stories, dance, make new friends and hang out with her cousin. What more could you ask for on a Saturday?

    Oh, that’s right! Free snacks from Fresh Kids, free water to stay hydrated and many other yummy samples to try out. We loved tasting some new and old favorite brands. Throw in a fairy wand, self made fairy dust and a new book (signed by the author) to take home for story time and you might get an inkling into just how AWESOME our day was. I think I’m still tired from all of the fun. And of course JustaBXgirl is asking when we can go back!

    If you missed this year’s festivities don’t worry we will make sure you know all about next year’s and all of the fun-filled Fresh Kids events happening before then.


    What else do you do when there’s a GINORMOUS (JustaBXgirl’s word) tomato in the middle of things?  You take a selfie!

    giant tomato - justabxmom

                                                          Selfies (Usies) with the Giant Tomato

    Two By Two Zoo brought a bunch of animals out to visit with the children.  There were goats, pigs, ducks, and rabbits!  The ducks were JustaBXgirl’s favorite.two by two zoo - justabxmom

    And then of course since we were getting into the farming way of life a lot of time was spent getting down and dirty.

    td bank - justabxmom

                              Learning to make more than just our money grow with TD Bank.

    chia pets - justabxmom

                                                   Creating a home made chia pet with the 4H club!

    urban gardening - justabxmom

                                                      Very excited about her sunflower

    This event even helped JustaBXgirl begin to get over the fear of bees she was developing.  I remember being petrified by them as a child.  I am grateful that she is learning early that bees are not the enemy and in many ways are our friends.bees - justabxmom

    And while others were building urban gardens out of legos little miss JustaBXgirl decided she wasn’t ready for fashion week to end.  She created a pink runway on which other legos were apparently strutting down.

    pink runway - justabxgirl

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