Storks – Do They Deliver? * Movie Review *

Storks – Do They Deliver? * Movie Review *

JustaBXgirl loves going to the movies.  When she first asked to go to see Storks I had no idea what she was talking about.  She quickly caught me up and I had to admit I kind of wanted to see it too.  When given the chance to see an advanced screening I figured it would be worth waiting in line for over an hour than to spend another three days being asked when we would be able to see it.

JustaBXgirl was on her best behavior.  She didn’t complain once about having to wait and was a lot more mature than some of the other adults in line.  Once we got in we had to get snacks.  I wanted to claim seats because I was scare we would be stuck in a corner and have to turn our neck the whole time.  Happy I listened to JustaBXgirl because we got our snacks and still pretty much had our choice of seats.  Surprisingly the theater was not packed.

If you’ve read any of my other movie reviews you already know not to expect spoilers.  I enjoyed this movie.  JustaBXgirl had mixed reviews so I am going to talk about it more from her reaction than mine since I’m assuming you’re interested in whether of not your little will enjoy it.

It seems lately that JustaBXgirl is an empath.  She feels things very strongly and really relates to others’ emotions.  She will tell you Storks almost made her cry.  I need you to understand that she only watches children’s shows.  Even in those shows she does not like to see people in conflict.  If something isn’t going the lead characters way she usually wants to stop watching.  If someone takes something from someone she says they did a bad thing and she cannot watch it.

There was conflict in this movie.  Characters were mean to each other.  Chases happened.  This did not bode well for JustaBXgirl’s anxiety.  She actually told me about ten minutes into the movie that she was ready to leave.  Had it not been that her sneakers were light up and we were sitting third row center I might have let her lead me out of the theater.  I’m happy we stayed because even though she ended up closing her eyes and snuggling in my lap for a lot of the movie it was good for her to see it through and realize that things can work out in the end.

I think my nephews (ages 6 and 8) would have loved it.  They would have found the Boss stork using tiny birds as golf balls hysterical.  They would have been rooting for the wolves.  Oh, the wolves!  They might have been my favorite characters.  I would have loved to see what else they could “build.”  JustaBXgirl wasn’t amused by these characters.  She found the Boss stork to be a bad guy and was a little scared of the wolves.

The plot was cool.  Apparently 18 years ago the storks put the baby delivery business behind them when a mishap occurred and ventured into being more Amazon like with  Now they’re dragged back into the baby delivery side of things by happenstance for one last hurrah?

I don’t want to let the twists and turns become less twisty and turny but I will warn you if you’ve ever felt parent guilt around working too hard then this film will either make you feel like you owe your little an apology and some fun time or you will pat yourself on the back for not being like the Gardners were.  I’m thinking I owe JustaBXgirl an apology because I definitely related to the work from home Gardners much more than I want to admit.

Do I think this is a movie you should run out and see…eh.  If your little is under five I would say no.  Give new meaning to Netflix and Chill by hanging out with movies, popcorn and your littles.  If your littles are over five then I say why not.  Even with the mean spirited characters and chasing scenes it is very age appropriate.  The language and actions used fit well with the movie and the plot moves along quickly.

If you do go see it make sure to come back and let me know what you think in the comments.storks movie review - justabxmomorphan tulip - justabxmomgardner family - storks the movie - justabxmom


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