My Truth About Trick Or Treating

My Truth About Trick Or Treating

I really like Halloween.  I mean what isn’t there to like about getting dressed up, getting to play with pumpkins, and free candy.  I mean, yay.  Well, I’ll tell you what’s not to like…TRICK OR TREATING!!!  This was the first year I actually took JustaBXgirl trick or treating and I really wish I could say it would be our last.

Her first Halloween I was able to keep it filled with festive events and she was less than a year old so she didn’t know anything about the Trick or Treat Tradition.  Years two and three I had to work on the actual day so justaBXgrandpa took her for me.  This year I got home from jury duty, got her dressed and ventured out around 4:30p.

I was really hoping to find a way to skip it this year too but JustaBXgirl ran up to me and asked about it as soon as I walked through the door.  See, I love watching movies/tv shows where families go trick or treating.  I love getting pictures from my cousins as they prepare to welcome trick or treaters to their doorsteps.  I even adore watching all of your littles go trick or treating on social media.  There’s just something about the reality of trick or treating that doesn’t live up to the hype for me.

Since moving back to the Bronx I have always lived near small business districts.  That should be awesome for trick or treating since we don’t really go trick or treating door to door around here.  Again in theory it would be but in reality it doesn’t look or feel like fun at all.  In my old neighborhood it seemed like EVERY child that lived in the area would come out at the exact same time and there would be mobs of little kids in costumes trying to wedge their way into the stores for one or two pieces of candy.  My current neighborhood was a little bit better.  I still had to fight the urge of moo-ing as we were moved along in crowds.

Again, JustaBXgirl was soooo excited. We ventured out and tried to work against the crowd.  It really wasn’t too bad except when the tweens would pretend they didn’t see the little kids and I would have to intervene so that JustaBXgirl didn’t get squashed.  Or when the store had a small entrance and people wouldn’t want to let trick or treaters out before stampeding in.  What upset me the most is how many of the stores said they didn’t have candy to give out.  These are stores where parents spend our hard earned money in every day.  Some of these stores stock candy!  It was rather disappointing that once a year they couldn’t have found a way to give every child a piece of candy or even a penny.

Some stores were really good and gave out handfuls of candy and complemented the children on their costumes.  JustaBXgirl had a great time and she learned a lesson.   We will only support stores that support us.  By the end of our adventure she was telling me which stores we would no longer spend our money supporting.


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