#ThoughtfulThursday: Post Election Stress Disorder

#ThoughtfulThursday: Post Election Stress Disorder


If it’s not a thing PESD should definitely be a thing. Election night I got maybe three hours sleep. I fell asleep hoping that I would wake up and find that the last counted votes would make sense. I woke up to what I saw coming but I was hoping against it. For me, it’s not because of Donald Trump that I weep. He isn’t the first president that won that I didn’t vote for.  I remember waiting for the 2000 results to come in and being so angry. I’m not angry today.  I’m saddened. I’m disappointed.  I’m disappointed in my country.  I’m disappointed that there is so much of the United States of America that is still scared of a woman being in power. I’m disappointed that there is so much of the United States that thinks judging someone by their place of birth or practiced religion is okay.  I’m disappointed that while I am attempting to teach my daughter that kindness grows and it is not okay to be a mean girl the biggest bully just won the position of what should be the most respected position in the country.

I am angry. I am also scared. I am scared for JustaNCfamily. The day after election the KKK was celebrating less than an hour away from their home. This election has brought the most vile in our nation out of hiding. I am so happy that JustaBXgirl is still a child and I don’t have to worry about some teenage or early twenties boy thinking it would be funny to grab her by her…in homage to our president-elect.

I stated on my personal Facebook that once the election was over it is our duty as Americans to show the victor respect. I still believe it even though I find it a hard pill to swallow at the moment. I understand people wanting change. It’s one of the reasons I voted for my president in 2008. He was bringing change. I think Donald Trump is serious about wanting to shake the country up. I’m just scared of where we will settle. As an agent of change I hope that he can be more responsible in his actions as president than he was as nominee.

Right now I am more scared of the fact that people think it was okay not to vote. We know when elections are. This goes WAY BEYOND the presidential election. We can’t keep complaining about what’s wrong with this country if we don’t work towards changing it. We need to make our voices heard locally. Know your politicians. Become your politicians!

I often think about moving from NYC.  It’s expensive.  Our county has terrible air quality.  There’s no space for anything.  But after seeing how the majority of the nation is thinking I will keep myself happily at home in my liberal bubble.  At least living here I can pretend that the country doesn’t hate women.

Sexism showed it’s face with a big smile in this election.  Whether you agree with Hillary’s platform or not you must agree that she was the more experienced candidate.  I saw a meme equating the election to hiring a Wendy’s manager over a surgeon with a malpractice suit to do an operation.  It made me laugh but resonated with me.  If Hillary was a man would things have been different?

That is my takeaway from this whole ordeal. I need to continue being the change I want to see.  Since becoming a mother I have always said that JustaBXgirl forces me to be a better person. I see the GREATNESS in my child, not just because she is mine but because she shines. I will do whatever I need to do to make sure that the bad things in this world do not dim her light. I will teach her as our ancestors before have done to continue to rise through adversity.  I will make sure that she knows when people judge her by the color of her skin, the sound of her last name or her gender it speaks to their insecurities and inferiorities not hers.



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