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My New Favorite Christmas Movie! #WhyHim

Mom's Night Out

My New Favorite Christmas Movie! #WhyHim

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    This past Monday I was given the opportunity to hang out with some amazing moms for a #WhyHimMoms night out.  Beautiful bloggers, a makeover, new head shots and the funniest movie I saw this year.  Can we do this every week???


    I remember when I was in high school it was the thing to do to go to the movies on Christmas Day.  Not sure if people still do that but even if you don’t I think after the kids unwrap their gifts Sunday morning you should give yourself a break and go see this movie!  Don’t bring the kids with you though.  Let them hang out with the grandparents or treat yourself to a sitter because trust me you want to see this film.  If you’re anything like me your movie viewing pleasure is usually limited to the animated type.

    I didn’t know much about Why Him when we got to the screening other than that James Franco was the star.  I adore James Franco.  And that was enough for me.  This might have been my favorite role of his to date. (And that includes his role on General Hospital.)  I was literally laughing out loud from the opening scene until after the closing credits.

    We’ve all seen the movies where the girl brings home the guy to meet her family and laughter ensues.  This movie is that kind of movie on something stronger than steroids!!!  Oh, but the guy doesn’t go home to meet the boyfriend, the family comes to the boyfriend’s home.  As always I don’t want to give too much away but there is just so much I want to tell you about this movie.

    Just remember the words Pink Panther, defensive parkour and the moose.  Yup,all of those random things will make so much sense once you see the film.  I’m really thinking about going to see it again so if you want someone to go with just let me know!!!


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