It’s A Barbie (nabi) World

It’s A Barbie (nabi) World

It seems like nowadays littles come out of the womb knowing how to work tablets and phones.  Still as parents it might be difficult to decide which one is right for your child and when is the right time to get it.  I purchased JustaBXgirl her first tablet when she was about 6 months old.  Yup, you might cringe but I wasn’t having my drooly baby drooling all over my phone.

barbie tablet nabi
We received the Barbie nabi for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and solely mine and JustaBXgirl’s.

We’ve tried a lot of different types of tablets over the years and I have to admit when I first heard about nabi a few years ago I thought it wasn’t a good idea because I thought a little would outgrow it too quickly.  It wasn’t until this year when I was able to see everything that nabi has to offer that I became a believer.  Yup, you saw the nabi on my tech toys to watch list.

I was pretty impressed by the features included and of course fell in LOVE with the Barbie version because, well, it’s Barbie!   The nabi is a device that will make both you and your little happy.  JustaBXgirl was excited as soon as she saw the packaging.  She loves all things girly and pink.  Even the box made her smile.  Like I said, originally I was concerned about her outgrowing this tablet but now I want to play with it!

android tablet barbie nabi
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This tablet offers so much that JustaBXgirl will be able to use it for years.  It’s also a great tablet for littles to share as you can set up multiple profiles on the device. Right now I have two profiles set up so that JustaBXgirl can allow one of her cousins to use the device and not worry about him changing anything she has stored.  Currently JustaBXgirl loves using the interactive storybooks included on the device.  She also loves using the Toca apps that were included.  She’s had most of them on her other devices so I think she was excited to see something familiar.

barbie nabi android ipad
Most of JustaBXgirl’s screen time happens before bed or when we’re traveling.

The Barbie apps included are really cool too.  JustaBXgirl’s favorite is the Pastry Chef app where she has to bake cakes based on specific orders.  There’s a Barbie Comic creator app where you (I mean your littles) can create their own Barbiecomic strips.  I know that JustaBXgirl has played with the app because I’ve seen it in the open apps but I haven’t investigated the app yet.

I have worked with her a little in the Wings Challenge and can I say THANK YOU!!! It designs a curriculum based on your child’s age.  I’m always looking for learning activities that can keep JustaBXgirl interested.  This works.  She really loves earning badges.  She gets so excited when she earns stars.  And the best thing about Wings is that the Wings Learning Center is available for Pre-K through sixth grade so again something that she can use for years!

wings learning system

You can also download additional apps not that you really need them.  JustaBXgirl doesn’t really use the additional apps I downloaded much.  I downloaded Kids Youtube, Netflix and Disney Junior.  One of the best things about this device is that you can set timers for each app and the device itself to limit screen time.  Yup, now you don’t have to worry about wondering if they’re spending too much time on any specific app because you designate how much time they’re allowed.  If that doesn’t sell you I don’t know what will!

Oh wait, nabi also has great customer service.  I had to call in to set mine up.   had specific questions about adding my card information to the device (I don’t like it being assigned anywhere my child might accidentally purchase a unicorn).  They were able to walk me through the setup and how to remove my card info after it being added.

I must admit I felt a little challenged maneuvering the device at first (only because I’m not used to being on an android and at the end of the day the nabi is an android tablet).  JustaBXgirl was able to jump right in and even showed me a few things on how to work it.

We use this table for travel a lot.  It’s very lightweight (0.77 pounds) and easily fits in my bags (7.96 inches wide and 4.97 inches high).  It is also very cost effective currently at $78.99 on Amazon.


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