Preschooler Packing Essentials

Preschooler Packing Essentials

JustaBXgirl decided to start packing for our upcoming vacation on her own the other night.  What did she throw in her suitcase you might ask?  Her Sleeping Beauty costume (complete with wig), Barbie Dolls, My Little Ponies and bathing suits.  I mean what else do you need on vacation?

This got me to thinking, what do you need to pack on vacation…

I’m a big believer that whatever I forget there’s a pretty good chance I can find when I get to my destination but if you have a small little at home you know packing is just as much for the journey as it is for the destination.  Here are my must haves for the journey (regardless if it’s via train, plane or automobile)

extra clothes preschool packingChange Of Clothes– Yup, I know, I know.  You’re going on vacation.  Of course you have an extra set of clothes.  The thing is, do you have them readily accessible?  As your little gets bigger you might not think about bringing clothes in your personal bag but this could make or break a trip.  I remember being on a plane with JustaBXgirl once and her staying clean until the plane landed and she vomited all over the place as we waited to get off of the plane!  Fortunately, I had an extra set of clothes readily available along with some wet wipes and was able to get her cleaned up before the plane doors had opened.  Imagine for a moment being stuck on a plane after getting sick and having to sit there and wait until you got to baggage claim??? Now, imagine being three and not completely understanding what it means when your parent tells you to wait until you get to baggage claim.

snack time dora the explorer junk foodSnacks– You might remember this tip from my previous Vacation Tips post.  Snacks are so very important.  Preschoolers tend to be pick eaters.  They also never seem to be hungry until you have nothing to feed them.  I’ve learned always to keep dry cereal and granola bars in my bag but when we are going on vacation I tend to up the ante.  I pack things that can be microwaved when we get to the hotel along with enough snacks to feed a whole preschool class.  In my carry-on I try to bring two of whatever I pack.  You know that preschool rule “ask mom for more of what you know she doesn’t have.”  This way at least when the first request for more is given I can comply.  Yup, this takes up space in the bag but we all know a happy little makes a happy parent.  Don’t go crazy though trying to be fancy.  This is the perfect time to let your little indulge on what you would normally deny.  Prepackaged snacks are the best for travel.

packing essentials coloring books workbooksFun Stuff– This does not mean toys.  Nope, toys are no fun for the journey and tend to get lost at the destination.  JustaBXgirl spent ten minutes the other night telling her grandpa about a Barbie doll that disappeared on a recent trip to my cousin’s house (we didn’t have the heart to tell her one of the dogs turned it into a new chew toy).  “And grandpa I left it right on the glass table but she wasn’t there when I came back!”  Fun stuff for travel definitely includes children’s headphones.  Don’t forget these because most littles don’t get that everyone else doesn’t want to hear their YouTube Kids shows.  If you allow your little to play on an iPad or tablet make sure it is charged and you packed the charger in your carry-on.  Fun stuff also includes coloring books, a ziplock bag full of crayons (one per child, no they can’t share), reading books, notebooks for writing and drawing and maybe one stuffed animal/baby doll if you’re feeling generous.

A bonus item would be a soft blanket.  JustaBXgirl insists on bringing the BlamkieTails Mermaid blanket Abuela got her for Christmas in 2015 on our plane trips.

What are some of your packing essentials?



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