#MomsNightOut: ‘Cry Baby: My (Reluctant) Journey Into Motherhood’

#MomsNightOut: ‘Cry Baby: My (Reluctant) Journey Into Motherhood’

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…”  If you’re a mom I’m betting you’ve uttered these words while wanting to cry into a bottle of (insert your favorite mom beverage here).  Jamie Aderski has shared with us that it is okay to laugh through the tears.  Jamie’s one-woman show is the perfect place to commiserate (I mean celebrate) a mom’s night out with your favorite mothers and soon to be moms.  We all know that motherhood is one of (if not the) best thing that has ever happened to us but Jamie reminds us that it’s okay not to always feel like there aren’t hard times to this life.

Her show is playing this Friday (and 3/31) in NYC at the very affordable price of $7 and is the perfect place for an escape from having to pretend that motherhood is perfect.  Jamie keeps it real, and probably saves herself and some of us thousands of dollars in therapy by talking about the things you rarely hear about in motherhood.  Why is your baby crying all of the time?  Because it is a baby and that’s what they do.  Why does your body look and feel like it does?  Because you grew a human being inside of it then evicted that human being through your vagina! (My words inspired by Jamie).

This show is not for the faint of heart.  Or someone looking to hear only about the unicorns and fairy dust of motherhood.  This is the nitty gritty.  This is what you learn after you’ve joined the secret society.  These are the things that might have stopped you from wanting to be a mother if you knew about them prior to having your little angel.  These are also the things that we know we would deal with times infinity because there is nothing that could ever doubt us from wanting and loving our babies.

I overheard a woman in the restroom after the show saying every junior high and high school student should have to see this show as a form of birth control.  I agree.  Do I think Jamie would have scared me from being a mom?  Nope, but I think I would have been better prepared having seen the show sooner.  One word, hemorrhoids!  Why does no one ever talk about them until it’s too late???   Jamie shares her story of motherhood through humor in a very touching and honest way.  I really enjoyed the show and the opportunity to see it with one of my favorite mom friends.

I was invited as media to enjoy the show.  All opinions as always are honest and completely mine)

Oh, and Jamie looks amazing for having a child under 1.  If you’re in the NYC area go see this show with some mom friends then commiserate about how true it is over drinks at the bar.  Here’s the link to the show’s info.  And here’s Jamie’s Twitter because trust me you’ll enjoy following her.


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