Why First Word Books Aren’t Just For Babies

Why First Word Books Aren’t Just For Babies

JustaBXgirl’s first word (after the obligatory mama) was ball.  And after that she took her time using her words.  She took ASL classes for a while to help her communicate and as with everything else spoke full sentences on her own terms and in her own time.  We had tons of baby’s first words books.  I’m sure we still have a bunch sitting in storage.  I kind of expected this new version to be very similar to those.

We received this book for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and solely mine and JustaBXgirl’s.

I’m sure you remember from college how professors would change two words and call something a new edition.  I know it didn’t just happen to me!  Well, DK Publishing is not our old professors.  They have really updated this version.  Yes, you will find words you can find in the older version but the graphics are much more vibrant and updated.

I think the out and about section is my favorite.  You can find a stroller right next to a ladybug.  And yes, JustaBXgirl does know all of the words in the book.  We now use these types of books to work on letter recognition.  I always planned to be one of those mothers that has her home neatly labeled so her little could see words everywhere.  Yea, that hasn’t happened yet.  For now I count on books like this to help connect the word to the object since as I always remind you I’m no #pinterestmama.

I love listening to JustaBXgirl spell out the word under a picture.  Her excitement jumps when the word has a letter from her name.  “Mommy, I have an S in my name too.”  You sure do baby.  As much as I would like to pretend that my child was reading she’s not.  She also hasn’t quite mastered the alphabet yet.  Did you know I’ve been singing her the alphabet song since she was an infant?  I really did.  I used to sing it to her as if it was a lullaby.  Still she butchers it.  Sometimes a W is next to a Q.  Other times there’s a word thrown right in the middle rather than a letter.  I try to make myself feel better by quoting what I once read somewhere online, “it’s more important for a child to recognize the alphabet than to sing is successfully.”  She can recognize about 75% of the alphabet so I figure that’s not too bad.

With JustaBXgirl starting school in a few months I want her as prepared as possible.  Even though books like these are designed to use for babies just beginning to talk I think they hold true value with preschoolers.  And because DK Publishing is just so very awesome they want to send one of my readers a book of their own.  So now that you’ve read this far read a bit further and enter the contest for a copy.  I am sure you and your little will enjoy it as much as we do.

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