Top 10 Toys From TTPM Spring Showcase

Top 10 Toys From TTPM Spring Showcase

Disclaimer: We were invited to attend the event as media.  As always all opinions are honest and solely those of myself and JustaBXgirl.  This post as every post may contain affiliate links.  

Being a blogger’s kid is definitely hard work.  You have to be the first to try out new toys and tell people what you think.  You have to go places and have your photo taken.  And wait for it!  You have to go home and play with lots of new toys.  Yup, it’s a hard life but somebody has to do it.   Seriously though being a blogger gives me the opportunity to expose JustaBXgirl to a lot of really cool events.  Some of the coolest we get invited to are TTPM Toy Showcases.

Lat week during Take Your Child To Work Day, I did just that.  JustaBXgirl and I woke up early and headed to the TTPM Spring Showcase.  If you remember how cool their holiday showcase was then you  you already know this was something we could not miss.  As always, TTPM did not disappoint.  Forget being a kid in a candy store a TTPM Showcase is like being a kid in a toy store and being told you can touch EVERYTHING!!!  While we might not have gotten to see everything because there is just so much to see we did see a lot.  JustaBXgirl came up with a list of the 5 toys she thinks your littles will love (because, well she loves them) and I decided this time to follow up with an additional five that captivated her at the event even if she didn’t list them as her favorites.

JUSTABXGIRL’S TOP FIVE (In no particular order):

1. Jakks Pacific – Beauty And The Beast – Belle

jakks pacific belle beauty and the beast ttpm

Beauty And The Beast toys made both the TTPM list and JustaBXgirl’s.  Since she got her first taste of the toys before the movie came out in March she has loved them.  And now she’s added a Belle doll to her baby doll collection and has brought the doll almost everywhere with her since the showcase.  JustaBXgirl loves that Belle has pretty brown hair and brown eyes just like her.

2. Spin Master –Hatchimals Colleggtibles 

hatchimals colleggtibles ttpm

JustaBXgirl LOVES these things.  I didn’t get into the Hatchimal craze during the holidays because well, they were sold out or triple priced everywhere.  JustaBXgirl had to live vicariously through everyone hatching their Hatchimals on Youtube.  Once she found out about the Colleggtibles (thanks to Youtube) she presented them to me with a full argument on why she should be allowed to collect them.  Now that I’ve seen how cute they are in person I am finding it hard to refuse.  Make sure you watch the video below to see her hatch one at TTPM’s Spring Showcase.

3. Spin Master – Kinetic Sand 

kinetic sand spin master kinetic sand

Spin Master was definitely one stop that JustaBXgirl did not want to leave.  She probably would have been content playing at their tables all day.  She’s a big kinetic sand fan and plays with it for hours at home.  She enjoyed building sand castles and star fish while singing her own Kinetic Sand jingle.  You can hear it in the video.

4. Antsy Pants – Ball Pit

antsy pants ball pit ttpm

What kid doesn’t enjoy a ball pit?!  Antsy Pants seem really cool.  You can use the poles from the ball pit with one of their other covers to create a brand new toy.  They had a really cool lemonade stand that held JustaBXgirl’s attention for quite some time and an ice cream truck that I don’t think she noticed.

5. Moose Toys – Little Live Pets 

little live pets turtle moose toys ttpm

This is another toy that has been on JustaBXgirl’s list for some time.  She loved it so much that when given the choice between getting a Happy Places toy or this Little Live Pets turtle she chose the turtle with almost no hesitation!  Of course this brilliant toy is from Moose Toys.  I really need them to come up with a rewards program because I feel like for every three toys I buy for JustaBXgirl (or she buys for herself) two are from Moose.

Now for the products that I felt captivated her (still in no particular order):

  1. Shimmer And Shine Magformers

magformers shimmer and shine ttpm

No exaggeration, JustaBXgirl stayed at this table for a good thirty minutes.  I visited with about 3 other brands while she built houses and other projects with Magformers.  I had to bribe her to leave the table so we could meet with other brands.  And when we got home it was one of the first things she asked to play with.

2. Alex Toys – Glitzty Locks

glitzy locks alex toys ttpm

Whenever I see toys like these I think of my niece.  She’s 12 and these are the creative type gifts I’ve given her for years.  Usually she’ll let JustaBXgirl try to help.  Watching JustaBXgirl at this table I realized my baby is growing up!  She didn’t need any help and quickly mastered Glitzy Locks.  It’s a fun way to decorate your hair.  People were really surprised with how well she did it on her own.  Her hair looks like she came from a fun party thanks to this device by the end of the day.  Every time we would pass by it she would add a few more.

3. Alex Toys – My First Magic Show

magic show alex toys ttpm

JustaBXgirl was mesmerized by the magic tricks happening at this table.  She’s still at home trying to figure them out.  Who knows, thanks to Alex Toys maybe one day she will be a famous magician.  If you’re littles like tricks and you’re ready to sit through their show this is perfect for a family night in.

4. Zing – Blast Box

blast box zing balloons ttpm

I have to admit, JustaBXgirl wasn’t the only one excited about this.  In case you didn’t know we love to play games at home.  JustaBXgirl and her cousins play board games every time they get together.  And as one of the youngest, JustaBXgirl has had to learn how to play games that weren’t quite made for her age.  This game?  Blast Box?  It’s made for everyone.  And it’s a great break from needing to be connected always.  She insisted on finishing the game before we moved on.

5. PlanToys

I’m surprised I was not familiar with this brand because all of their stuff was really cool.  Of course JustaBXgirl really enjoyed the doll house.  You can see her playing with a few of their products in the video below.  All of the materials are made from rubber trees!  It seems to be great quality and very durable.  We’re definitely going to be checking them out in the future.


Which toy from our lists do you think your little would enjoy the most?


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