Shibajuku Girls – Wave 2

Shibajuku Girls – Wave 2

JustaBXgirl loves dolls.  Her imagination comes to life as she builds stories and adventures with her toys.  She has mean babies and nice babies.  She has prankster babies and timid babies and now she has a big girl doll.  Shibajuku Girls are big girls in JustaBXgirl’s eyes.  These are not baby dolls that need her to take care of them.  They are friends to hang out with.  Friends to share secrets with and friends to discuss fashion.

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We received this product for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and solely those of mine and JustaBXgirl.

We were talking about Yoko a.k.a. Glittery Glittery as JustaBXgirl renamed her today.  I mentioned that the past few days she hasn’t been coming outside with us.  I asked JustaBXgirl if she didn’t like the doll anymore.  Whoa!  She told me!  Apparently, Glittery Glittery is a big girl and doesn’t always need to be with JustaBXgirl.  According to JustaBXgirl, Glittery Glittery has been hanging out with other friends doing things like going out to eat and to watch movies because that’s what big girls do!

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I learned today!!!  I learn so much about my own parenting and JustaBXgirl’s personality by how she acts and pretend plays with her baby dolls.  This is a brand new experience for me.  This is how she views friendships.  Her Shibajuku Girls doll in her eyes isn’t a baby that she needs to care for but an equal, a peer, that occasionally needs space to do her own thing!  JustaBXgirl shared that Glittery Glittery didn’t invite her to dinner the other day but that it didn’t hurt her feelings because she had other things to do.  I can only hope that in real life she handles being left out as well.

They both ate all of their food that day!

The Shibajuku Girls dolls are fun.  They’re 13 inch dolls that have fully posable bodies, come with bright hair, long eyelashes and fashion choices.  I simply adore the hair clips that can be used on the dolls or your little (or truth be told yourself).  You can find them at Target  and since when do we need an excuse to shop at Target???  If you’re child is like mine and likes to bring her dolls with her outside this is a great option.  They fit well in your bag or your child’s bag and are much lighter weight than an 18 inch baby doll.

Littles are just attracted to these dolls.  They definitely do not blend into the crowd.  I had Glittery Glittery sitting on top of clothes at JustaBXgirl’s dance class one day and had to put her in the bag because she was distracting some of the little ballerinas.  Another day JustaBXgirl was at a focus group and she left Glitter Glittery with me so I wouldn’t get lonely.  While she was sitting there ignoring me (as most teenagers do) this little boy walks up and just starts staring at her.  Even at gymnastics she turned some heads.

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I look forward to more adventures with JustaBXgirl and her friend Glittery Glittery when her schedule opens up.  The dolls are currently in their second wave and the current collection consists of five dolls.  I figure at least one (or four) more need to join our family so keep an eye out for when Glittery Glittery’s friends come to play.  I am hoping that the girls in the next wave come with a variety of skin tones because I believe representation is important.


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