On The Go With The RideSafer Travel Vest

On The Go With The RideSafer Travel Vest

Here’s everything that comes in the bag, vest, tether, crotch strap and headrest

Once the weather warms up it’s hard to keep up with me and JustaBXgirl.  We like to be on the go especially after hibernating for much of the winter.  For the most part being on the go comes easy.  We live in NYC with some of the best public transportation options ANYWHERE.  Being on the go gets a little bit more complicated when we have plans outside the reach of public transportation or with friends that want to drive.  Having to lug a car seat from car to car or even worst from car to train can be a detriment to outings.

We received this product for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and solely those of JustaBXgirl and myself.

When the travel gods have shone down on us the person we’re going out with will have a car seat for JustaBXgirl to use already but for the most part getting into someone else’s car means either I have to take her car seat out of our family car, head to my storage unit and get her booster seat which she’s still a little small for or risk her not being in a seat.  Neither of those options make me happy.  What does make me happy?  People coming up with solutions to real life problems.

The people at Safe Ride 4 Kids have solved this problem.  They’ve developed the car seat that we didn’t even know we needed.  Their Ride Safer Travel Vest is designed for children three and over between 30 – 80 pounds.  Yup, you read correctly.  It’s a vest.    That makes it so easy to carry with you.  It even comes with its very own drawstring bag.

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Yup, you see that gray bag in my bag? That’s the travel vest in it’s own bag!

Having this option makes me excited about all of our summer adventures.  This is also the perfect option for those littles that huff and puff about having to sit in a car seat or booster seat.  Now that have nothing to groan about.  You also don’t have to worry about packing a car seat for vacations or renting one from a car rental location.  I plan on taking JustaBXgirl’s vest with us to North Carolina and Los Angeles this summer.  It will also make our quick Long Island jaunts a lot easier as we won’t have to find someone out there to borrow a seat from.

No more lugging a heavy or awkward shaped seat around. They can carry this on their own!

Two things to think about when using vest that I hadn’t thought about until it was in use is you’re little’s view.  When your little is in a traditional seat they tend to be lifted higher and can easily see out of the window.  Since this is a vest rather than a seat they won’t be raised so if your little is on the shorter side like mine you might want to be prepare with in car distractions.  JustaBXgirl was quick to tell me she couldn’t see something I was trying to point out.  The second thing is that since there is no seat underneath your little they will feel the trip a little bit more than in the traditional car seat that serves as a buffer between them and the vehicle’s seat.  For most littles this isn’t a big deal.  JustaBXgirl gets car sick so I need to remember to take ginger ale, gum and candy with us when we use this option.  Even with the added motion I asked JustaBXgirl how she felt about using the vest and if she felt as safe as she does in her traditional seat.  She said she felt very safe and if I remember to bring peppermint she wants to use her vest more.  She said it is very comfortable and she felt like a big girl wearing it.


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