Great Pretenders Colour-A-Dress & The Great Procrastinator!

Great Pretenders Colour-A-Dress & The Great Procrastinator!

JustaBXgirl is a PROCRASTINATOR.  Yea, I said it.  Yes, she’s four but trust me when I tell you this child will procrastinate about any and everything.  Just tonight it took her nearly an hour to clean up her toys.  And while that might not sound like long let me explain how a good quarter of the time was spent taking the toys on vacation, a quarter was spent trying to negotiate a deal to leave half the toys out and a quarter was spent crying when the negotiations didn’t go her way.  Yup, she got the toys cleaned up in that last quarter and that is part of the problem.

It’s hard for me to discipline her and break the procrastination exasperation that leads to mommy’s aggravation because in all honesty and #transparentparenting form I too am a procrastinator.  There’s just something about knowing the deadline is approaching that makes my brain spark and give me my very best work.  It has always been that way.  You would think I would have learned in college with the number of all-nighters I pulled with my dear friends and by myself.  Nothing like finding a coffee shop open at 4am to work on final papers then rushing to the computer lab to get them printed and handed in by 9a.  Ah, the good old days (were they really over 15 years ago?!).

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We received this product for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and solely those of myself and JustaBXgirl.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  JustaBXgirl is taking after her mama in the worst way.  She received this beautiful coloring project from Great Pretenders in early March.  She was very excited to receive it as we already had two unicorn themed birthday parties on the calendar.  In case you didn’t know this is the year of the Unicorn.  JustaBXgirl has already decided that she will be having a Princess, Knight, Unicorn and Dragon themed party for her 5th birthday in January.  Okay, back to 2017.  We get the dress in March.  The parties are in June and July.  After discussion we decide that this colour-a-dress will be saved to wear at her godsister’s party.  It gives JustaBXgirl the most time to finish her dress.  We don’t leave for her godsister’s party until the end of June (it’s in NC) and the party won’t be until July 1st.

I decide to leave it up to JustaBXgirl as to when she will color it.  Now she is very meticulous and deliberate on how the dress will look.  She decides what color each petal on every flower will be and only lets me help minimally.  We are now a little more than a week to lift off and the dress isn’t complete.  I have a feeling that we will be coloring on the plane and as we wait for the plane at the airport.  At least I won’t have to pack a coloring book this trip!

As you can see the dress is gorgeous and the design while simple is intricate.  Don’t get intimidated by it because it will mesmerize both you and your little.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might know that we are HUGE fans of everything Great Pretenders. The quality of their costumes is very high and the price point on their costumes is relatively low.  What more can you ask for.  Take this dress for example.  It is only $25.  It comes with the dress and 6 markers.  The dress has designs on both sides and can be washed and colored again and again.  Where are you going to find that much for for such a small price?

Do you see how my little artist has blended some of the colors to make rainbow/marble effect?!

JustaBXgirl will be wearing this dress (even if it’s incomplete) for the party so make sure to check my Instagram for the full look.  The great thing is that even if it is not complete it is still beautiful.  She has also told me that she will be wearing this for her 5th birthday.  The great thing is she could and it might look like a completely different dress if she colors it differently.

My baby might be a procrastinator but she is also an artist.  Part of the reason it is taking her long to finish is because like I said she is being meticulous.  She wants every detail just so and if I say so is doing a REMARKABLE job with keeping to her plan and coloring within the lines.  Great Pretenders has a number of coloring fun items for your little.  There’s something for everything form full outfits to accessories and even a puppet!  Products range from $5 – $25.

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Here’s a few of the other coloring items direct from the Great Pretenders website.


I truly love this company.  They are great for helping children’s imaginations come to life.


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