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#Cars3 Coloring Sheets Just For You!!!


#Cars3 Coloring Sheets Just For You!!!

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  • I know you’ve seen the latest Cars movie by now.  And if you haven’t here are my reasons on why you should!  Either way I know you and your littles are familiar with Lightning McQueen and Crew so I wanted to share a little Cars 3 fun with you.  School has been out for my nephew for what seems like eternity but in reality has been about two weeks.  I’m already close to pulling my hair out waiting for summer camp to start.  If your littles are done with school than you know what I mean.

    I just got these in my inbox a few days ago and am planning to use them as a way to stop the constant bickering that has become my background soundtrack.  JustaBXgirl and my nephew love each other something fierce but their personalities clash about EVERYTHING.  I know that Cars will be a happy medium where they both can feel they’re winning.

    And these coloring sheets will look awesome on my fridge!  Don’t forget to have fun and remember you can always experiment with what colors you choose.  Tag me in any pictures you take so I can see your masterpieces!  I’m @justabxmom on all social networks.


    Cars3_Jackson Storm

    Cars3_Cruz Ramirez

    Cars3_Lightning McQueen



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