She’s A Builder – Yes, She Is!

She’s A Builder – Yes, She Is!

During the week when her cousins aren’t around JustaBXgirl does A LOT of independent play so I’m constantly on the lookout for toys that can keep her engaged so I can get more than ten minutes of work in at a time.  As much as we love board games and puzzles weekdays aren’t the time for them as she needs mama’s help and participation.  Pretend toys are a big hit right now as her imagination is incredible.  As I type this she has put together about four different playsets and is gathering a bunch of mini figures together to throw someone a surprise birthday party.  I’m not even sure where she got the idea of a surprise party but I’m enjoying listening to the festivities.

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Other days she might invade the costume ottoman and dress up like her favorite princess or her favorite Ninja Turtle or become a mermaid.  Perhaps throw on some fairy wings or more recently grab her John Deere Talking Toolbelt Set and set about fixing things around the house.  She straps it on and tells me with confidence that we don’t need grandpa because she can fix XYZ.

Did I mention the toolbelt itself talks? It not only makes the sounds of the tools but says “Nothing runs like a Deere” and “It’s time to work on our John Deere tractors!”.
I love that when she looks at toys she doesn’t see things as a boy toy or a girl toy.  They’re simply toys she likes or doesn’t like.  And while it’s always fun to be a mermaid or fairy I really enjoy watching JustaBXgirl learn about real life items and occupations.  A lot of times as parents we get our children toys and then just leave them to play with them (cough, cough, I’m very guilty of this) but when we do this we sometimes miss learning moments.  Even though her toolbelt is something that I love for the independent play and imagination moments that grant this mama some time at the computer I also take some to go over what each tool is and how they can be use.  This does two things.  First it gives JustaBXgirl some valuable information that she can use throughout her life (I mean how would you have gotten this far if someone hadn’t introduced you to how to use a hammer or screwdriver).  And second it gives her a point of reference for when she’s playing.

Who knows, maybe one day my imaginative, mermaid fairy will grow up to be a contractor with her own construction business.  Whether she does or she doesn’t she will know that when screwing in a screw it is always righty tighty and lefty loosey.  Don’t pretend you don’t say it in your head regularly!  And to think it all started with her toolbelt.

john deere talking toolbet
Righty Tighty! Lefty Loosey!
And on the weekends when her cousins are around she is nice enough to share her tool belt with them.  One of my nephews especially loves it.  He’s really good at building things and figuring them out.  He might become and engineer or architect when he grows up.  Wonder how much credit this auntie will be able to take if I get him his own John Deere Toolbelt Set!

He was excited to get to bang things!
This is a great addition to our pretend play toys.  I’m really considering buying my nephew one for Christmas.  You can get your own by entering my giveaway!!!  All you have to do to be entered is comment below and tell me would be the little builder in your world!  For a bonus entry comment on this post.  Winner will be selected using and contacted by email on July 21st.  Open to U.S. Residents excluding Hawaii and Alaska.


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