Celebrating Friendship At Disneyland

Celebrating Friendship At Disneyland

Ever vibe with someone online and forget that you’ve never met them in real life?  That’s how I feel about Lauren.  We’ve been social media friends for about three years on Instagram and have shared highs, lows and all of life’s in betweens.  We’ve cried and laughed together through comments and text messages and I was super excited when I mentioned I would be heading to California that Lauren wanted to meet.  I mean, even if she didn’t I would have probably stalked her until I got to squeeze her in a hug to know this angel God has sent me was real.

thoughtful gift
Here’s a snapshot of the care package Lauren sent me…just because!!!

Remember when I told you on Instagram that my dear friend sent me a care package of homemade AMAZING Beauty & The Beast cookies for me and JustaBXgirl, the most thoughtful original trolls dolls for JustaBXgirl and bath salts and a bloggin mug for me?  That was Lauren.  When I wanted to have special cookies made for my goddaughter’s birthday, do you know who made them?  Lauren!  I mean this woman is phenomenal.  And this isn’t anything new.  She was one of my first MommyMonday shout outs.  I thought she was pretty awesome then and I think she’s pretty awesome now.

Honestly though, I didn’t want to get my hopes up for a meetup.  I mean so many curve balls came at me when planning the trip I didn’t want to get excited then have life happen and be disappointed.  Have I mentioned Lauren has THREE children and a husband to take care of daily?  So you know she doesn’t have a lot of free time.  Still, when I shared the stress of not knowing how I was going to get from Oxnard to Anaheim this woman (who I had never met face to face) offered to come and rescue me and JustaBXgirl.  I didn’t tell her but her offer made me cry.  I could not believe how giving she continued to be to me.  Thank Heavens for Amtrak and me not having to even consider putting her so far out of her way.

Being superheroes at Disney’s Summer of Heroes

Anyway, let me tell you this woman made it happen.  Even in the midst of her own life happening she made sure that her and her beautiful baby girl made it to meet us on Monday at Disneyland Adventure Park.  She arrived right around when we had been evacuated from meeting Anna and Elsa.  Between that stress and some other stress I was dealing with at the park I felt a complete mess.  Lauren didn’t let my craziness bother her at all and met us outside of the Animation building right after we finished with our meet and greet.  I was so happy that we had the chance to pick up a small token to give her daughter because I’m horrible at thank you notes and not sure I’ve expressed in sincerity how much her kindness has meant to me.  I was just upset with myself that I hadn’t remembered to go back to a gift shop and find Lauren a small gift as well.

Our daughters clicked pretty much as quickly a their mothers.  Nobody seeing us stroll through Disneyland together would ever have imagined this was our first play date!  I’m just hoping we have many more to come.  Both of our girls are fearless and fierce.  This was the first time JustaBXgirl and I had ever done a theme park with anyone else and we both had a blast.  Lauren is forever my hero.  I don’t like rides.  I go on them with JustaBXgirl because she LOVES them but I don’t want to be on anything that spins, flies or drops.  Lauren volunteered to be ride mom and let me wait with my feet firmly on the ground when I didn’t want to join the girls.  And yes, both girls are four and most of these rides were in the kids sections but I still didn’t want to go on them!!!  Lauren never called me silly or judged me and when I did get on rides she even made sure I was okay (some of the rides do make me feel ill).

We had so much fun that none of us wanted the day to end.  I only hope in the hours that we spent together Lauren knows I value her as a true friend.  She is a woman full of compassion, strength, talent and loyalty to name a few.  I feel blessed that God saw fit to bring our paths together and I look forward to many more years of friendship including many more play dates.  And if they all took places at a Disney park that wouldn’t be bad either!

And of course, so that everyone knew we were celebrating friendship we stopped by a Disney store in the park and got some celebration pins.

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