#TransparentParenting – Morning Mantras

#TransparentParenting – Morning Mantras

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I’ve been singing JustaBXgirl a song since she was born about being beautiful, brilliant and brave.  I believe that we need to fill our little up with so much love and confidence that there isn’t room for anything else to seep in.  I’m also honest enough with myself (sometimes) to know that there will always be the chance of something else sneaking in.

To combat these lurkers we need to continuously fortify the foundations of our children.  Since she could clearly articulate words I’ve asked JustaBXgirl who she is.  Once she states her name I ask her but who and what is she really.  Every time she responds the order and the contents change a bit but they all come down to her being brave, brilliant, beautiful, kind, and most importantly worthy.  We also talk about how beautiful her brown skin is and how God chose to make her the same color as the Earth because she is one of his most cherished babies.  Now, that’s not to say if your skin isn’t the color of the Earth that God doesn’t love you.  It is just a way that I have found to make my little appreciate and love her skin.  We went through a phase where she would ask me daily why she couldn’t have skin with less melanin like Abuela and Aurora.

Since school started last week I have had JustaBXgirl look at herself in the mirror before we leave for the day and speak to herself.  She is to remind herself who and what she is.  We had lunch with one of my closest friends on Friday and she shared with JustaBXgirl that she still talks to herself in the mirror daily.  JustaBXgirl is not into this talking to the mirror thing.  She thinks it is silly and doesn’t get the point.

One day she will.  One day someone will tell her that she is not all of the fantabulous things that she is and she will laugh at them.  And hopefully, whatever cracks are made in her foundation will be cemented by the constant reminders that she is everything she has been telling herself that she is from day 1.

The world is not always a nice place.  I want it to be.  I hope that one day it will be but until it is I want to give my baby girl as much protection against it as I can.

Do you do any morning routines with your littles besides getting dressed and getting the littles fed?

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