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In Love With LuvaBella

luvabella, luvabeau, interactive doll, talking doll, learning doll, christmas list, wishlist

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In Love With LuvaBella

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  • luvabella, luvabeau, interactive doll, talking doll, learning doll, christmas list, wishlist

    We received this product for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and solely min and JustaBXgirl’s. This post contains affiliate links.

    JustaBXgirl loves a good baby doll.  I’ve shared before here and on social media how important I think doll play is to the development of our littles and to the development of us as parents.  We get a glimpse into our true parenting selves by paying attention to how our littles parent their babies.  I’ve already shared with you that I think Luvabella is going to be one of the HOTTEST toys on the market this Christmas when I went to The Toy Insider’s Holiday of Play.  Now that we have had over a month to experience Luvabella I have to share that if your littles love baby dolls you really should consider getting this one as a big ticket gift.

    In our home, Luvabella goes by the name Bella or sometimes Love.  She, like JustaBXgirl is filled with love.  The doll is amazing.  Playing with her it is easy to forget you’re playing with a doll.  She coos and giggles just like a baby does.  She even weighs as much a small infant at 5.5 pounds.  JustaBXgirl weighed 5 pounds and nine ounces when she was born.  JustaBXgirl asks me to carry her down our stairs because she is worried about dropping her baby.

    When I was somewhere between 8 and 10 I remember a talking doll coming out and wanting it more than anything.  I received it as an after Christmas gift because it was sold out everywhere before the holiday.  When I did get that doll I wanted to take her EVERYWHERE.  As an only child, I was lonely at times and would pretend that my dolls were my siblings.  I know, where was the child shrink when I needed it?!

    Now, as JustaBXgirl grows up an only child I watch her make friends with her toys.  I watch how real they become to her and watching her play with Bella I can imagine the amazing big sister she could be and the amazing mother she will be one day.  I’ve already seen the price begin to skyrocket for the doll so I suggest if this is on your littles list do not wait.  Don’t worry though, Target actually has her (and Luvabeau) on sale.

    luvabella, luvbeau, interactive dolls, babydoll

    I know that we will be having fun with Luvabella for many years to come as JustaBXgirl is on the younger side of littles that will be into playing with her.  She is designed for ages 3+ but I think she might be a little big for a three-year-old (if your little is petite like mine).  I do believe that this doll will be great for any doll loving little.  She is completely interactive.  Luvabella has the ability to learn over 100 words and can speak in two languages.  I’m hoping she can teach me French! Truth be told, this doll is so much fun that I’m often tempted to play with her while JustaBXgirl is at school.  Abuela has also attempted to get JustaBXgirl to let her babysit overnight.

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