RELAX. REGROUP. RECHARGE. I’ve been telling myself these three words over and over the past few days.  I must be transparent though and admit that I haven’t really listened. I’ve been feeling a bit scattered and overwhelmed by all I’ve been juggling.  The signs have been telling me to slow down.  Computer acting up.  Phone and computer not getting along.  JustaBXgirl having mood swings.  Not checking everything off my to-do lists.

I’ve been on the go for a while and looking at my calendar I really might not have any downtime until we get back from our Disney vacation in January.  Except, I probably won’t slow down then either because I’ll be getting ready for JustaBXgirl’s birthday party.  I’m going to keep repeating these words, RELAX, REGROUP, RECHARGE, until I take my own advice.

I’m sharing these words and advice with you because I know that for a lot of people holiday season can be overwhelming.  Please remember that holidays are supposed to be a time of joy.  Be in the moment.  Don’t add things to your plate that you don’t need to eat. Yes, we all want the perfect holiday photos but when we look back at pictures it won’t be the primped and planned photos that will ignite the warmest memories.  Yes, we want to try to show off our Martha Stewart and Julia Childs’ talents but when we look back we don’t want to miss hours of family time because we were busy cooking from scratch or putting an ornament back in the right place.

My stress, for lack of better word, isn’t from the holidays.  I’m good for those. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Christmas shopping is just about complete.  NYE we keep it mellow.  What I’ve been struggling to keep up with is the speed that time has been passing by. It seems like the days are passing in the blink of an eye. My computer decided this week to spend the day updating so instead of sitting around being frustrated and cranky (which was my first inclination), I headed over to my storage unit and started pulling out Christmas decorations and some of the Christmas gifts I have stored. I’ve gotten about ten of JustaBXgirl’s gifts wrapped and started organizing gifts that have to be mailed out to some family.

I’ve been challenging myself to take a few minutes each morning to stretch and another few to have a cup of tea.  It still agitates me to slow down but I know that it is important and necessary. I’m pushing myself through the discomfort because I know that change and growth are supposed to be uncomfortable. I also know that chaos comes before community so I am attempting to accept that right now I am in a period of chaos.  And even though it doesn’t feel good right now I will make it through this moment and will come out stronger than I started.  So from now until I believe it I will continue to repeat relax, regroup and recharge because when my community comes I will be prepared.


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