Staying So Fresh & So Clean

Staying So Fresh & So Clean

We have received some of these products for review purposes. As always, my opinions are honest and my own. This post contains some affiliate links.

Welcome to 2021 when soap shopping has become exciting and selecting masks have become a fashion statement. If you would have told me one year ago today that this is where we were heading I would not have believed you. I can say though that I am elated that I have always stockpiled soap and toilet paper so when last March hit and everywhere was sold out I did not suffer.

As we get ready to mark the one year anniversary of the partial lockdown happening in NYC, I wanted to share some of the fun soaps, sanitizers, and stylish masks that have become our favorites. Yup, we have favorite masks, soaps, and hand sanitizers. I’m betting you do too!

I have to admit that I hadn’t planned on liking this first soap. Yup, my mean mommy gene popped out when SPLATZ arrived. It looked way too much fun and I just knew it would be messy! I stand corrected. This is so much fun. Yup, fun, and soap in the same sentence. This is the type of soap that will have you chasing your littles (and yourself) out of the sink.

I have a hand! I have a soap! JustaBXgirl recognized Pikoraro as soon as his PikoWash soap arrived. Apparently, her teacher had played the video. JustaBXgirl shared it with me. Now, I’m hooked. This is a wonderful soap option for the littles that use too much liquid soap. This bar definitely lathers up well. And if you sing the song while washing you will get so fresh and so clean!

If you’re worried about how long your littles are washing then you can check out Crazy Aaron’s Hyper Color Foaming Hand Soap. This is sooooo cool. It comes out one color and it’s up to the washer to wash away the color. You know you’ve washed your hands well once the color goes away! Genius! If everyone was washing with this prior to 2020 maybe we would be free to travel by now!

You might remember when I wrote about Pre-Tween Hygiene. And if you don’t recall the post, you can check it out now. I’m happy to say that Crazy Cleanz has remained on our list. JustaBXgirl is a fan of how the packaging has changed a tiny bit. The way that the individual 20 Second soaps are packaged is now easier to open. These soaps are great for when you’re on the go. We all have been in a situation where the public restroom is out of soap! Having these in your bag or pocket help. When/if JustaBXgirl goes back into a school building, these will always be in her bokbag.

I’m usually not that into hand sanitizers with a strong scent but I absolutely LOVE these. The scents in the Crazy Cleanzare lasting but not overpowering and it might just be me but I feel like my hands feel softer after I use this. I used to be the type of person that would sometimes have hand sanitizer in my bag. Normally, it would be a small bottle I got at an event somewhere. This was not one of the things that I stocked up on. That has changed in the past year.

Now, I spend time comparing hand sanitizers and knowing which ones I like and which ones I don’t! One that has become a great gift to give is Crazy Aaron’s Clean with Color Hand Sanitizer. They’re super cool themes and the colors are AWESOME. I keep a bottle in the car to make sure that we can get clean anywhere we are!

As you can see, we have been putting lots of thoughts into soaps and hand sanitizers. That’s not all though. To stay fresh and clean we have been doing our part by wearing masks. We have gone through A LOT of masks this year. We have bought from Etsy, Amazon, local stores, and online businesses. These three have topped the list of ones we look to use on a regular basis.

GHLUV Masks and Hand Protectors – A match made in Heaven. We all know how masks work and have our own preferences when wearing them. I really enjoy how fashionable and comfortable these are. I also love that they have coordinated hand protectors. Masks and hand protectors feature anti-microbial technology. The hand protectors really are a game-changer. I was wearing plastic gloves at the beginning of this pandemic and it caused havoc on my hands. I can still feel safe with a layer between me and the world but without the negatives of wearing plastic gloves around the clock. Oh, and did I mention they’re made in the USA? Yup, helping the economy while staying safe!

Rafi Nova Sensory Masks – Many of our littles and even some of us have struggled with having to wear masks. I love that Rafi Nova worked to create a mask line for those that have sensory sensitivities. And they’re still fashionable. They have a variety of colors and even a really fun solar system print available. JustaBXgirl would complain a lot about the ear straps on other masks. These secure behind the head as opposed to on the ears. It makes such a difference!

Jaanuu – These have been JustaBXgirl’s go to masks since her bestie gave her a few over the summer. She now has them in three styles. I have a few of my own. They are one of the more comfortable masks that I have tried but after a few hours of wearing them they do bother my ears a bit.

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