Just One More Playset! Gift Guide

Just One More Playset! Gift Guide

I don’t know about your house but in my apartment, there are a number of smaller communities existing.  We have Shopkins going to school at Super Hero High and Squishie Do Drops hanging out at a Hatchimals Nursery and don’t get me started on the types of parties thrown over at the Tick Tock House.  JustaBXgirl loves building community with her toys and playsets.  Because of this, they stay at the top of her wishlist.  And I’m guessing your littles like them a lot too! (Or you wouldn’t be reading this)

While trying to narrow down which playsets you will be adding to your little’s growing community I offer you a few of our favorites. We don’t have everyone on this list yet but hoping to change that soon!

vampirina, scare b&b, disney kids, disney jr, play set, wish listVampirina Scare B&B – My child was asking for Vampirina toys before she had even seen the show.  Now that she’s watched it this playset was a must-have for her.  This set is over 2 feet tall so feels really big to a little and is three floors of spooky fun! And depending on where you place Vampirina she glows.  Talk about cool!  And we wouldn’t want Vampirina to be lonely so the set even includes her BFF.

shopkins mansion, happy places mansion, doll house, happy places

Happy Places Mansion – Seeing how JustaBXgirl has what seems to be hundreds of Shopkins (I really do find them in the most random places) I was really excited when I saw this playset released.  Shopkins and Happy Places Petkins decorate EVERY playset she owns.  And I happened to pick up two of the Disney Happy Places sets for Christmas simply adding to the fun.  Now she needs this!

pj masks, pj masks playset, pj masks rivals racetrackPJ Masks Rival Racers Track – I’m still living down the fact that JustaBXgirl didn’t get the PJ Masks Headquarters playset last year.  By the time it was released it was also sold out.  I think I earned a few cool points back by surprising her with this set but she hasn’t fully forgiven me yet!  I love that this set comes with not only Catboy but a rival as well.  And how cute are the Night Ninjas?  I mean if you have to have a show with villains at least these are sweet and adorable.  I’m just as big of a PJ Masks fan as JustaBXgirl and we definitely have fun racing through this track.

paw patrol, my size, look out tower, nick jr.

Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower – JustaBXgirl really likes this tower.  Every time she sees it at an event you would think it was magnetic as quick as she finds her way over to it.  If your littles are into Paw Patrol then this needs to be on your shopping list.  It has all the bells and whistles to keep them entertained and comes with Marshall and Chase.


hamsters in a house, ham's burger diner, zuru

Hamsters In A House Ham’s Burger Diner – JustaBXgirl has been wanting a pet hamster for a while now.  We found a compromise for now with Ham.  Being a tiny, pink and white striped hamster that can be turned off makes me a lot more open to the pet idea.  JustaBXgirl is just happy that Ham runs a burger joint.  I’m not sure if she gets the wordplay yet but I giggle whenever I say it!  Burgers are also a recent obsession of my child’s so she spends quite a bit of time thinking up orders for all of Ham’s customers.



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