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First Time Visit To Disney’s Animal Kingdom

animal kingdom, disney, #disneylatinamoms


First Time Visit To Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • animal kingdom, disney, #disneylatinamoms

    If you know anything about me then you know I love all things Disney.  I’ve been taking JustaBXgirl to the happiest place on Earth since she turned one.  We normally only visit Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs but this year JustaBXgirl selected Animal Kingdom as her second park. It was such a great experience I think we will be visiting it every trip!

    JustaBXgirl LOVES animals.  We’ve had a membership to our local zoo since she was six months old.  Visiting Animal Kingdom was so much more than visiting a zoo.  Yes, there were beautiful animals to visit and learn about but there was so much more.  I knew I wanted to visit the park because I wanted to see Pandora but honestly, I didn’t know what to expect for the rest of the park.  I mean, other than the Lion King and Lion Guard what does Disney have to do with animal habitats?

    Let me tell you, they know A LOT. As with anything Disney touches this park is magic.  JustaBXgirl and I had so much fun.  The day flew by so fast. We didn’t get to see and do everything because we were really enjoying our time and being in the moment.  I know as an adult it is difficult not to cross everything off the list you plan to do when on vacation but trust me it is so worth it to let the littles take the lead.  The memories made and moments captured become ones you could never have planned.

    Our favorite parts of the park were:

    Na’vi River Journey – We waited a long time in line for this ride but let me tell you it was worth it.  While waiting we were able to read interesting facts about the world of Pandora and it’s inhabitants.  I always say Disney outdoes itself when it comes to the realness of rides but the magic in this ride must have used a lot of a lot of pixie dust.  The colors were so vivid. Everything was so lifelike you truly felt transported into a new world.

    Dinosaur – JustaBXgirl is a dinosaur enthusiast. We had to give this ride a chance.  I really enjoyed it.  JustaBXgirl was a little scared but still had fun.  She was also very proud to be tall enough to get on.  This was a must-see for dino lovers as you get to learn about the creatures as you wait.

    It’s Tough To Be A Bug – We fell in love with this show over the summer at Disneyland. We were both excited to see it at this park as well.

    Festival Of The Lion King – JustaBXgirl likes to argue with me whenever I bring up the Lion King.  She likes to correct me and say that I must mean the Lion Guard.  This was a wonderful way to introduce her to where the story originated.  Also, the cast members were so talented. The costumes were gorgeous and the show was very entertaining.

    The Boneyard – What parent doesn’t need a few minutes to rest when at Disney with their littles?  This playground is the perfect place to set your littles free while you take a seat and rest up for the next leg of the trip.

    Outside of these activities, JustaBXgirl really loved being a wilderness explorer.  It is a fun way for littles to participate in activities and learn about different species and cultures.  There are 30 badges to collect.  We have to go back soon to complete her collection. I loved seeing the way Disney created another magical world.  The Tree of Life is breathtaking and powerful.

    If you’ve never checked out the park, I suggest planning to go on your next Florida visit. And if you have visited I would love to know what you never miss when there.




    1. Ruby A Cruz

      February 21, 2018 at 7:30 pm

      OMG how cute are these pics. I love animal kingdom. We got to go back to check out Pandora ride.

      • justabxmom

        February 21, 2018 at 11:48 pm

        I’m hoping JustaBXgirl is tall enough on our next trip to go on the other Pandora ride.

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