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Family Game Night: Spring Break Edition

family game night, things to do with kids, board games

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Family Game Night: Spring Break Edition

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  • family game night, things to do with kids, board games

    We received a number of these games for review purposes. As always all opinions are those of my own and JustaBXgirl. This post contains affiliate links.

    Let me tell you something, it only took having JustaBXgirl home four hours on the first day of Spring Break for us to both realize how much she and I enjoy her being busy with school. Seriously, I loved not having to get up at 6a and I really enjoy hearing her playing and getting extra snuggles but it is a good thing that this child has a lot to keep her busy.

    One of her favorite things to do as you have probably seen if you follow us on Instagram is to play board games.  I’ve compiled a list of her six current favorite games below.  And yes, most of these require more than one player but my very creative little has fun playing with her dolls. This must be an only child thing because I did this when I was an only child as well.

    shark bite, pressman toys, goliath games

    Shark Bite – JustaBXgirl likes to pretend to be scared of the shark.  She also loves watching it attack! Of course, she likes to add her own take to the game so she makes it more difficult for us by setting rules for each round. Sometimes she says we can only catch one type of sea creature, or one color, or maybe that we need one of each.

    greedy granny, goliath games

    Greedy Granny – This one might be my favorite out of the bunch. It is a quick game that JustaBXgirl can completely play by herself. It is the type of game that littles (or bigs) can play a bunch of rounds of in a row and not get bored. If you follow us on social media then you might have seen JustaBXgirl host Greedy Granny tournaments between her and her dolls.

    catch the fox, game, goliath, pressman

    Catch The Fox – JustaBXgirl loved this game since she got to play it at Play Fair last Fall. Getting to play it at home is even more fun.  This game is one that she doesn’t like to play alone though. It’s a little difficult for her to start it up and pull the fox’s pants out so that is a mommy job.  She also doesn’t want to be responsible for gathering other people’s chickens so she only plays this if she has a human to play with. It is a quick easy game for littles to play with little supervision and it helps with counting skills.


    Monopoly– JustaBXgirl has enjoyed Monopoly since finding an old edition at Abuela’s house ages ago. Since then she has gotten a copy of it to keep at home.  She plays this regularly with her cousins and they completely make up their own rules but I like that about it.  They make the game work for themselves and they are practicing negotiation and math.

    aladdin's flying carpet game, magnet, flying carpet, goliath games

    Aladin’s Flying Carpet– This has been a favorite since I found it at Family Dollar or Five Below (can’t remember which). Both are great places to pick up random games and toys for low prices. JustaBXgirl loves to mesmerize new players with the magic of the flying carpet.  She has added to the treasures the carpet carries by throwing in random Shopkins to make the game more challenging.

    lol surprise game

    L.O.L Surprise! The Game– This was a Christmas gift that was like the BEST GIFT EVER. JustaBXgirl has been trying to collect Queen Bee in real life and the goal of the game is pretty much to do the same! You can check us out playing in the video below.


    1 Comment

    1 Comment

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