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Day Trip: Splish Splash

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Day Trip: Splish Splash

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  • We were invited to be part of this year’s blogger program and will receive tickets to visit the park once this season.

    We had so much fun at Splish Splash last year that we jumped at the chance to join the Blogger program this year and offer each of you discount tickets! You know I stay trying to find discounts and giveaways for all of you. We spend a lot of time out on Long Island over the summer. I’m sure you’ve noticed if you follow me on Instagram. If you are in LI or looking for something to do that’s not going to take more than a day I highly advise heading out to Calverton, LI and spending the day at Splish Splash.

    The reality is when we went last year we had so much fun just hanging out in the wave pool we didn’t check out the entire park. The way the sun has been kissing these streets this summer I bet you are in the mood to get a little wave-y time in too. We brought JustaBXgirl’s swim vest with us but if you don’t have one or feel like lugging it around you can use one of their’s for the day. Just be aware that they are first come first serve.

    Since I don’t know how to swim JustaBXgirl wouldn’t let me got past a certain line. Here’s me while she goes off to the deep side with the girls!

    This year Splish Splash has  opened two new thrill rides, Riptide Racer and Bombs Away. Don’t worry though, if you’re a coward like me. I mean, not a coward but more into relaxing than being “thrilled” there’s plenty for us to do as well. I can’t wait to hit the Monsoon Lagoon so JustaBXgirl can climb, slide and shoot canons while I soak up some sun and cool off with a quick dip or three.

    Another thing I like about this park is that compared to some other places it is relatively affordable and if you plan ahead you can get an even bigger discount! Oh, and did I mention that they have a shuttle from the railroad so you don’t have to worry about not having a car?! But wait, there’s more, if you’re going to take at least two trips to Splish Splash (which you probably will) you should definitely look into the season pass option. I think we will be getting season passes next year if I can talk one of my cousin’s into getting them as well so whenever we go out to LI we can plan to spend a day at the park!

    I know, you’re really only still reading because you want to know about that discount I promised! Here you go:

    Link: Splish Splash 

    Promocode: blogreader18



    1 Comment

    1 Comment

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