Movie Review: Skyscraper

Movie Review: Skyscraper

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I was invited to attend a screening Hosted by Universal Pictures as press. As always all opinions are honest and solely my own.

Did you know that I would watch Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson read the phone book and love every moment of it? Especially if he did it without wearing a shirt! I share that so that you understand I am a fan so I watch all of his films knowing that he can do no wrong! Still, I want you to know that you can trust my opinion of Skyscraper because I did not go see the film alone. I took JustaBXgrandpa with me and he would not sit and watch The Rock read the phone book topless!

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I can also honestly say that going into the movie I was really just there for Dwayne. I wasn’t a big Die Hard fan and a lot of the comparisons I heard while the movie was being made was that it would remind me of the Die Hard franchise. I figured, what the heck, I’ll still check it out and I can tell you I am really happy I did.

You already know I won’t give spoilers because that would waste your money! Plus, I’m one of those people it’s safe to watch a movie I already saw because I won’t tell you what happens next. This movie had you on the edge of your seat from the start. The action was real from the start.

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Can I tell you what the biggest surprise was for me in Skyscraper? Neve Campbell’s character Sarah Sawyer. This woman was fierce. We all know going into the movie that Dwayne’s character, Will is the star. We all know he is going to be a hero but his wife, Sarah. She is the MVP.

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Sarah is a military surgeon that has done three tours in Afghanistan. She is not someone waiting around to be saved. Add to that she is the mom of twins. Yup, you know that mama bear gene kicked in real fast. I think it is because of Neve’s character holding her own that I liked the movie so much. Yes, we know Dwayne’s character was going to be the hero rushing into a burning building by any means necessary when his family is trapped inside. We didn’t however know that he would be able to be the hero because his wife was such a strong woman in her own right. Sorry Dwayne, I will still watch you read the phone book and I’m happy it was you I got to see scaling buildings with your trusty duct tape but Neve stole the show for me.

And the twins? Those children are beautiful. I really wish though that someone would have given the daughter a hair tie or a quick lesson on how to tie her hair in a bun without a hair tie before she was running through fire with her gorgeous locks flowing behind her! One of my favorite scenes is towards the end when the rock is holding her and he twists up her hair while trying to shield her from the flames. It seemed like such a genuine parent-child moment.

Something else that was surprising but very refreshing was that while the movie is PG-13 I think overall it was very family friendly. I mean, yes, there is shooting and violence. Not sure you can do a action flick without some of that but there was very little offensive language and I’m not sure if the Sawyers kissed even once. The most nudity was a few scenes of The Rock’s chest (and I wasn’t complaining about those).

It’s the type of movie where if you have a younger child and you really wanted to go see it you wouldn’t feel bad about bringing your little with you. I cannot wait for the DVD to come out because I bet there will be some good deleted scenes added.

If you go see it this weekend or next, come back here and let me know what you think.

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