Sweet Suite Was Super Sweet! Best Toys Ever!!!

Sweet Suite Was Super Sweet! Best Toys Ever!!!

We attended this event as press. As always all opinions are honest and solely those of the JustaBXfamily. This post contains affiliate links.

Last week we had the pleasure of attending The Toy Insider’s Sweet Suite, which you may know is the Biggest Night Of Play there is. Normally, I attend this event without JustaBXgirl and enjoy meeting new brands, catching up with old brands, and hanging out with my favorite bloggers while playing with lots of toys. Then I head home and try now to feel guilty about JustaBXgirl missing all of the fun. This year though, children were invited along if they were featured on sites and social media accounts. And, since everyone knows you’re really here for her cuteness, JustaBXgirl was able to play the day away with her own blogger besties.

If I told you we had A LOT of fun I would be playing it extremely cool. It was a perfect event spent with our blogger buddies playing with the latest and greatest toys. When I asked JustaBXgirl to list her three favorite items from the night she countered and asked if she could tell me her eleven favorite items!!! I know it sounds like a lot for a favorite list but there were just so many awesome, amazing products to pick. I don’t think I would have been able to narrow down my choices either. We did decide not to include items we have already featured in recent top toy lists so that did help a little.

JustaBXgirl’s Top Eight List (it was our compromise). This list is in no particular order. She says that she loves them all equally. Let us know which you think is your favorite.

1. Party PopTeenies Surprise – We’re always down for a party! And these new collectibles put the surprise in surprise party. They come ready to be popped. Once you pop it the party can begin. Each popper comes with a collectible Popteeni and accessories. We are hoping to get them all!

2. Dynacraft Princess Carriage – What girl doesn’t want a royal carriage to drive around in? This one comes complete with tiara and scepter. JustaBXgirl was already planning which of her many princess gowns would go best with the carriage. It definitely looked like a lot of fun. It would be the perfect ride-on for a nice size backyard.

3. Cry Babies – Let me tell you how JustaBXgirl has not stopped playing with this doll since the event!!! I’m so happy she was with me because she’s the one that found this doll. Cry Babies really cry tears! And they sound like babies too. The reservior holds a lot of water for the tears because I have yet to fill it up. Not sure if JustaBXgirl has done so without me knowing. These might be a big thing this Christmas.

4. Boxy Girls – Everytime the commercial for Boxy Girls came on before the showcase JustaBXgirl would stop me from whatever I was doing to tell me that she wanted one. Ever since the event, she interrupts me when the commercial comes on to tell me that she has Boxy Girls and would like more. They are four fun and stylish friends to collect that each come with four boxes to unbox. Just when you thought watching other people unbox toys was the craze, now you can watch toys do the unboxing!!!

5. Fancy Nancy Fancy French Phone – We are big Fancy Nancy fans. I’ve been a fan since before JustaBXgirl was born because one of my niece’s loved her so. Fancy Nancy and her bestie Bri remind me a lot of JustaBXgirl with their, well, fanciness. As soon as we got to the Jakks Pacific booth JustaBXgirl ran straight for the phone. This phone is very fancy with light up effects and over 9 phrases.

jakks pacific

6. Toilet Paper Blasters Skid Shot – Now, I think this is too big of a toy for JustaBXgirl. She needed help to pull the trigger but she loved it so much it had to make the list. The Skid Shooter uses real toilet paper and water to make extreme spit balls. I agree with JustaBXgirl that this can be a lot of fun. Spitballs can go as far as 30 feet!!!

harry potter, hermione granger, wands

7. Wizarding World Light Painting Wands – I was chatting at a nearby booth when JustaBXgirl wandered over to the Wizarding World table. She came running over telling me that I HAD TO see what she found. he was so excited to bring me over and show me the wands. They are really awesome and you can record yourself using them and see your patronus!!! Hoping to get our hands on these soon.

hust play, noah and girl squad

8. Hairdorables – With all of our littles obsessed with Youtube it is no surprise that toys are starting to connect to Youtube in new ways. You can check out the Hairdorables channel to see videos by the girls the dolls are based on. There are 12 Hairdorables that each come in three different styles leaving you 36 dolls to collect in Series 1. We have our first one and are excited to get collecting the rest.

I’m serious. This list could be doubled, tripled and even quadrupled and something fabulous we saw would still be left off. This holiday season is going to be one full of hot items. I’m going to start my shopping soon!

Check out even more fun in JustaBXgirl’s Sweet Suite video recap originally featured on her IGTV channel. Make sure you’re following her there.


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