#BackToSchool – The Bag Edition

#BackToSchool – The Bag Edition

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We received these bags for free. All opinions are honest and solely my own.

In case you don’t remember, JustaBXgirl wore a uniform for seven days last year before I switched her school. When it came time to get ready for back to school my stylish little insisted that she get a bookbag that reflected her since she couldn’t do that with her clothing. Yes, at four, she made this very clear demand. Now, at five, she is even more clear about needing to express herself in every part of her appearance. She doesn’t wear a uniform but insists that her bookbag is still as important.

I agree with her. Backpacks are very important. If your little goes to a uniform school then the bookbag is what helps them stand out. Even if they don’t go to a uniform school, chances are at some point when you don’t know a name you will ask you refer to your child’s friend by the type of bookbag they carry. I know I did it for a while last year. I learned about her friend with the Minnie bookbag or the Descendants backpack way before I learned the girls’ names.

Most students will use their bookbag for the whole year, or until it breaks or gets lost. Some will change their bookbag mid-year. And then you have my little. She insists on changing her bookbag weekly. Or sometimes throughout the week. So, in other words, she needs her bookbag to keep her interest.

Here are the bags at the top of our list this season.

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We have been huge fans of Zip & Zoe since we were introduced to them last year. I’m sure you have seen photos of JustaBXgirl running around with her mini Daisy Dragon backpack a lot before she started school and even now for outside of school fun.  JustaBXgirl selected the Zip and Zoe Unicorn Junior Backpack with matching lunch bag. JustaBXgirl thinks she’s taking lunch some days. That’s a whole different post though because this mama isn’t planning to make lunch but having a lunch bag is good for as much as we’re on the go. A cool thing about this bookbag is even if we leave the lunch bag home this backpack has an insulated front pocket that will keep her snacks cool and fresh all day long. It is also machine washable so it really can last all year long.

But since I know my child doesn’t do one bookbag for the entire year we were also blessed to get a backpack at the #NMBXHatchimalsBTS event not too long ago. Now she’s torn on which bag will be the first-day bag.

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The Fashion Angels Style Lab Line is full of fun stuff. JustaBXgirl’s magic reveal pocket goes from eyes open to eyes closed and can even wink depending how the sequins sit. JustaBXgirl is a huge fan of the magic sequin trend so this is a perfect selection for her. It’s a bit big though so it more than likely won’t be her primary bag we might use it on days she has to pack her gymnastics, martial arts or swim uniforms.

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And for those days that our commute might take us places other than just school we have the MJS Fun Bag to add to our school supplies. If you don’t follow Monica please do yourself a favor and head over to her site then stalk her social media accounts. She is a parent’s answer when looking for help on how to understand your littles. We are loving her Fun Bags which now come personalized. It’s a small bag that either you or your littles can pack with some on-the-go fun. I like to use it as a treat for JustaBXgirl. On days when I know I’m going to ask a little more I allow her to pack some of her favorite small items and then I reward her with some time to use them when we’re out and about (or when mama needs a few moments of adult time). On most days though, I pack the fun bag so that the contents will be a surprise. I’m not as fun though so I always make sure to pack a few learning things in it as well.


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