Don’t ask me about my Doona Stroller

Don’t ask me about my Doona Stroller

Do me a favor… if you see me in the street, DON’T ASK ME ABOUT MY DOONA! If you do, I warn you that the Doona Gods come down and take possession of my body.

True story: I was at the pediatrician’s office for Amari’s 2 weeks check up when the lady next to me said “How do you like your Doona? I just bought one off my sister’s registry for her baby shower”. I replied, “Run and get it back from her!”. Then I don’t know what came over me but for the next 15 minutes this woman received a full hands-on presentation of Amari’s Doona *slaps forehead*.

A week later I stopped by my job for a visit to HR when a pregnant girl in the office said “ohhh, I saw that stroller online! What do you think of it?”. Andddd you guessed it… I turned into your friendly neighborhood unofficial Doona rep! Complete with my 15-minute demonstration. *slaps forehead again*

Holy travel system… Whoever came up with this car seat on wheels was an absolute genius! It is light, it’s compact and (my favorite part) it is only one piece! It is a car seat that literally pops in and out of the car and converts into a stroller with ONE click of a button. There is no second “base” piece that needs to be folded every-single-time and placed in the trunk. I mean where are we supposed to put our shopping bags with that thing taking up all that space?

And guys… I took my Doona for the ultimate test when I went shopping on 5th Avenue. I didn’t knock down a single clothing rack in Bloomingdales and I navigated through the Apple store like Danika Patrick in the Indy 500!

Now, If you are a traveling mom like I plan to be, you will be happy to know that Doona is TSA approved. So you can roll this little baby (no pun intended) right through the aircraft and strap it into an airline seat! Without ever taking your little one out of the chair! No more waiting for gate side stroller check… BONUS!!

If I could think of any downside: (1) That they have all these new cool colors out that weren’t available when I bought mine (downside for me=benefit for you) and (2) That Amari will eventually grow out of it. He’s only 11 pounds and the thought of us losing our Doona after 28 pounds already makes my heart ache. However, I heard that they are coming out with a toddler trike. If it is anything as inventive as this Doona car seat then count me in!

So yes… in the interest of all of our time, if you see me in the streets, puleezeee don’t ask me about my Doona. I guess I just want everyone to live this beautiful stress-free baby travel life that I live and apparently that comes with a 15-minute presentation. How about instead you just go here and check it out yourself

Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller                                                Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller



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