Movie Review: The Grinch

Movie Review: The Grinch


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We attended a screening of the movie as media. As always all opinions are honest and my own.

Of course, The Grinch was on JustaBXgirl’s must-see movie list since she first saw a poster for it. We were blessed with the opportunity to see an advance screening of it this week and wanted to share our thoughts with you. We all know the story of the Grinch. Trust me, you don’t know this Grinch.  This Grinch may have a heart that is two sizes too small but that doesn’t stop him from showing that he is more than just a meanie.

The Grinch in this movie seemed to me to have more layers than past Grinches. He shows us that he has the ability to love even when he is hating the Whos. The Whos do still live in a very Christmas loving place which antagonizes The Grinch and his hatred of Christmas. This Grinch is just a lot less angry than those that have come before. He also seems to be a lot smarter. He comes up with a number of really cool gadgets that make stealing Christmas much easier than it should be!

This movie was fun. The Who kids were full of spunk. Cindy Lou Who was a really wonderful little girl. She had to be my favorite character because in a lot of ways she reminded me of JustaBXgirl. Just like little Cindy Lou my little is always asking how to make my workload easier. Much like Cindy Lou, my little is full of ideas. Very similar to Cindy Lou my little forgets that she is a little at times and wants to take on things that are bigger than her. My second favorite character might have been Bricklebaum. Keenan Thompson brought this character to life hilariously as the Grinch’s closest neighbor and apparently his best friend!

Illumination and Universal Pictures did a fantastic job visually on this their eighth fully animated feature. The colors are bright. The characters jump off the screen.  And Who-ville seems like the perfect place to spend Christmas with friends, Don’t believe me? Then check it out yourself. The Grinch opens in theaters today!

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