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Dr. Panda Town: Vacation Update!

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Dr. Panda Town: Vacation Update!

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    This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are honest and our own.

    Do you remember when we shared our excitement about Dr. Panda Town: Vacation? It was a while ago, so I’ll wait a moment while you go back and refresh your memory. I’m betting you already know how great the game is because you have your own littles that play it. I love that even as JustaBXgirl gets older the Dr. Panda world still pulls her in. And now, it is pulling her in with an update that will be coming out for everyone TODAY (February 21st). JustaBXgirl was excited to get a sneak peek at the two new worlds that everyone will be getting introduced to when the update comes out.

    It is pretty much as if this update was designed specifically for my child. There will now be an underwater location and an ancient ruins location to visit on your Dr. Panda Vacation. These have quickly become JustaBXgirl’s favorite locations to visit. She still loves to spend time in the on-ship spa but now she spends most of her “vacation” time exploring the ancient ruins and hanging out with a pharaoh creating things in the kiln. One of JustaBXgirl’s latest interests is ancient Egypt so this is a great way for her to spend her time.

    The other new location is an underwater one. This one is so pretty. Not only is there treasure to unlock in this location but a fancy area where you can host celebrations. JustaBXgirl is a hostess with the mostess. She loves gathering different characters together to have fun.  In case you didn’t know there are over thirty characters to play with! You can even bring pets on your vacations. So, if you’re anything like my little you can help a lot of different friends enjoy a different adventure at the same time in one of the many locations.

    I love that every time she plays she finds something new. And with the new update, your littles will be finding new additions for a while. Also, you now can travel from one Dr. Panda Town app to another by using the in-game map! Don’t worry, I won’t keep you any longer. You can head over here to download the latest version for you and your littles. Come back and let me know what’s your littles’ favorite place to vacation in the app.




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