#JustAPlayDate – Freshmade NYC Edition

#JustAPlayDate – Freshmade NYC Edition

JustAPlayDate was invited to host an event at Freshmade NYC. As always, all content is completely honest and my own opinions.

Before I had JustaBXgirl I spent many the weekend at brunch with friends. It was a great way to catch up while getting to be a foodie and of course it was an amazing excuse to day drink! When Freshmade NYC reached out to collaborate on our May #JustAPlayDate we just knew we had to go with a brunch theme. I mean, it was Mother’s Day weekend after all and moms love brunch! Little did we know that our littles were going to love it so much that they barely wanted to share with us.

The best part of this playdate is that anyone can have it. Freshmade NYC is a place where anyone can visit and take a class. We were a little hesitant about hosting an event Mother’s Day Weekend but it worked perfectly. Moms don’t get a break and having to rush your little influencer around town during the weekend you’re supposed to be the start might be a lot to ask but our village rocks and our moms showed up.

Freshmade NYC made this the easiest playdate we have ever hosted. They took care of everything. All us moms had to do was sit back, relax and take photos. Our little influencers put on their aprons, rolled up their sleeves and got right to work. They learned how to make huevos rancheros and a side of guacamole! I will share that I was a little worried that JustaBXgirl wouldn’t want to eat her delicious creation.  I mean, she still has me serve her food in a divided plate.

I figured even if she didn’t eat the dish then she would at least enjoy the experience. Enjoy the experience she did. Our influencers chopped peppers, cut scallions, squashed black beans and avocado, cracked eggs and so much more. At times, it is hard for me to recognize how much my little bit has grown.  Getting to take the step back and watch her use knives and pizza cutters (for the tortillas) reminded me that she is growing up and I can give her the opportunity to help a bit more around the kitchen.

These little influencers definitely seemed at ease. And they did a wonderful job. They followed the directions of the Freshmade NYC chefs. Can we talk about the chefs for a second? The instructors were virtual Mary Poppins. These women had such fabulous demeanors with the children and facilitated the class in a way that allowed our youngest and oldest kid influencers to feel heard, involved and respected.  They introduced each food and instruction simply and in a manner that didn’t make anyone feel silly if they didn’t know or understand. They even made me feel like I could chef it up!

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After enjoying their brunches we sent each of our young cooks home with Sticky Lickits. Have you heard of these? The littles loved them. They’re edible stickers. Perfect to add to lunch boxes as a treat or to entice a picky eater… Speaking of picky eaters…I don’t call JustaBXgirl a picky eater because I can usually find something on a menu for her to eat but she can be rather selective about what she will digest. Hence why I was concerned that she might not eat what she made. Let me tell you, I was in for a surprise. Just as I was about to lean over to another mom and share that I just knew my little wasn’t going to eat, she took a big bite and gave me the thumbs up sign.

She enjoyed the meal and experience so much that she decided we would be making it the next morning for breakfast. We headed to the market and got the missing ingredients and spent our Mother’s Day making brunch! Oh, and she wanted to top off our eggs with her Sticky Lickits! Apparently, they taste like marshmallows!

Oh, and remember how I said that Freshmade NYC is a great place for everyone? Well, them and us want you to check it out for yourself. Head over to the site and if you sign up to try any of their classes, camps or semesters and use code JUSTAPLAYDATE you will get 20% off. You’re welcome!!!

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