Movie Review: Disney Aladdin – Live Action

Movie Review: Disney Aladdin – Live Action

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We were invited to attend a screening as media. All opinions are honest and from myself and the JustaBXfamily.

We already know if you going to the movies this weekend it will be to see Aladdin. Don’t even pretend. You’re not here to find out if the movie is good because you have already made up your mind about how good the movie will be. We all grew up with Disney princesses and have our own relationships with these characters.  We owe it to our inner child to go and see how the characters have grown throughout the years while still remaining the same.

I saw a lot of bloggers deciding to leave their children home when it came time to attend the advanced screening of Aladdin. I can’t even be mad at them because knowing the action that was in the cartoon version I’m sure many wanted the opportunity to enjoy it without the pressure of making sure their little enjoyed it as well. I know that when I’m at the movies with JustaBXgirl that I am constantly checking for her reactions, interests and more. And she’s been going to movies since before she was two.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I haven’t seen the movie yet! Wait, don’t run away. I know you’re wondering how I feel confident sharing a review of a movie I didn’t see. And why did I miss a screening??? I’m here to answer allll of your questions. I got stuck late at work with a migraine the evening of the screening and couldn’t get to the theater on time, even after I had planned to be there right as the movie was due to begin. I am confident to share this review before seeing it because I have grilled, I mean spoken to not one, not two but three people that have watched the movie, JustaBXgirl, JustaBXgrandpa and Da Geeky One from Two Geeks And A Dame. I could have had one of them write this review but I thought I can bring all of their reactions to the table and share how this movie is a must-see for all generations.

JustaBXgirl loves Disney movies. She loves Disney Princesses. JustaBXgirl loves seeing strong, fierce girls and that is one thing that Princess Jasmine has always been. Plus, she got to dress up as Jasmine so I was pretty sure she would enjoy it. Also, she hadn’t seen all of the original so he didn’t have much to compare it to. JustaBXgrandpa hadn’t seen the original but normally doesn’t watch many children’s movies so I figured he would be the hardest to please. And Da Geeky One, like me, watched the original a gazillion times so she was there with receipts waiting for them to mess up. I trust my tribunal. Each of them told me that I need to see the movie myself because it is that good.

Here’s the other thing that I keep seeing flying around the internet, Will Smith vs. Robin Williams. I am NOT HERE FOR IT. Both of these men deserve to stand in their own spotlight. Yes, technically they are playing the same character but let’s be real, they’re not playing the same character. Robin Williams performed the voiceover for Genie. He did a phenomenal job but I don’t see nobody comparing Mena Massoud to Scott Weinger. Do you know why? Because it is really difficult to compare a voice to a person. So pretty please, if you’re going in expecting Will Smith to copy verbatim the magic that Robin Williams brought to the part, please don’t. I know it is so difficult not to compare but give Will a chance because you know he is funny and can handle this.

Let’s go back to Scott and Mena’s character Aladdin. I recently shared that Aladdin was not one of my favorite characters in the original. JustaBXgirl said that he was her second favorite character after Jasmine. Da Geeky One said this Aladdin was just annoying as the original. And that isn’t an insult to either of the actors but a remark on the character himself. Both actors did a wonderful job to capture the essences of the character. And Mena is just adorable.

Dalia is the character to look out for. She is new but apparently has made quite the impression on everyone. I was worried that adding a friend/handmaiden for Jasmine would take away the relationship with Raja but that beautiful “cat” is still there and hasn’t lost his ability to steal a scene. Nothing stays the same so we need to accept that this is not the 1992 Aladdin. That is okay, we can always go back and visit with that version but there is definitely room for this version in the Disney universe.



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