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Movie Review: Men In Black International

men in black, tessa thompson, chris hemsworth, mib

Movie Review

Movie Review: Men In Black International

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  • men in black, tessa thompson, chris hemsworth, mib

    We were invited to an advanced screening as press. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

    I loved the first two Men In Black movies and I must admit that I have never seen the third. When we got invited to an advance screening of Men In Black International I started humming the original theme song around the house. I then realized that I was a bad mom because JustaBXgirl had never seen any of the franchise. I know! How could I deprive her? I was a little worried that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the movie completely having never seen the others but I had nothing to worry about.

    One of the things I truly enjoyed about this entry into the MIB franchise is that it could stand alone. Now don’t get me wrong. There were small connections to past movies, like the picture of Agent J & K in High T’s office, but this was a whole new chapter to Men In Black. I thought that was pretty awesome. It meant that there didn’t need to be comparisons to the past. This chapter could write its own story and let us figure out from there if we still wanted to follow along with the story.

    agent m, agent h

    JustaBXgirl and I are happy with the work done. Tessa Thompson did such a good job as Agent M that at one point JustaBXgirl leaned over to me and said she might want to be her for Halloween! The movie began in NYC but quickly hopped across the Atlantic for a whirlwind adventure that would end up at one of our most favorite places, the Eiffel Tower!

    Now you already know, don’t come here looking for spoilers. I’ve already given you a lot. Okay, I will give you a little more…Pawny is our favorite character. He might be a small character but really is the best. I love the scenes where he is playing the middle man between Agent M and Agent H. I’ve heard comparisons to Agent J and K made to Agent H and M but I don’t see why.


    When you go to see the movie go see it as an original movie as opposed to a sequel or a reboot because I don’t think it can really be considered either. Of course though finding out that there are other movies in the franchise made JustaBXgirl ask if we could watch the others so guess what got added to our summer movie list!


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