Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Edition

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Edition

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We received many of these items were sent to us for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post also contains affiliate links which means if you shop using them I will earn a very small commission and it won’t cost you anything extra.

I usually like to end my gift guide series with Stocking Stuffers but I’ve been adding so many really fun items to the list I just can’t wait any longer to share it. Stocking stuffers are one of my favorite parts of Christmas. They’re something you can pick up anytime and they aren’t hard to store. They’re also a great gift for school friends. They’re not too big and not too small and there are so many different types that you can truly find something for everyone.

JustaBXgirl is a very giving child. I have to limit how many friends in her class that she gives gifts too. We never want her other friends to feel bad so we like to keep the gifts small. Items that can be tucked away in bookbags without causing too much of a distraction. Here are a few of the things that JustaBXgirl’s school friends will be getting this year and a few things that JustaBXgirl will find in her own stocking.

Tic Tac Toy XOXO Friends – I love how many Youtube families are getting toy lines. Lately, JustaBXgirl has been saying that she wants to develop her own toy line. Help me! Anyway,  JustaBXgirl loves the girls behind Tic Tac Toy. She has been watching them for a while and was so excited to recently meet them. I know that finding their toys in her stocking will make her happy. I bet your littles know them too and would enjoy unboxing these adorable items.

Tots Surprise Nursery Babies – Have you seen this show on Disney Junior? It is adorable. This will be a special delivery to any Disney Junior loving little that finds it in their stocking. One of my favorite parts of these surprise toys is that even after you open it, you still get a surprise with the color change diaper.


Squish-Dee-Lish – These have been a favorite in our home since forever. They were actually one of our classmates gifts last Christmas. In our opinions, they are one of the best slow rise options out there. JustaBXgirl is the type of little that needs comfort objects. She needs items that allow her to help recenter her energy through force at times when her emotions get too big for her. Squeezing these and breathing through watching them slowly rise back has been helpful for us both.

handi andi

Moosh-Moosh Plushy Skwishy – This is one of those products that you have seen regularly on our Instagram. We’re giant fans of Moosh-Moosh and sleep with more of them each night than I would like to admit but these are something new. If I love Moosh-Moosh than I am OBSESSED with the Skwishy.  Skwishy is soft yet firm in its squishiness. JustaBXgirl usually keeps one in her bookbag and one on her desk at home to help keep her zen. I must admit I try to keep one in my bag as well.

Radz Paw Patrol – This is a fun addition to stockings because not only is it a cute little collectible but it is a candy dispenser. My little candy girl is always looking for a way to get around my limited sweets rule so these are a fun way to let her slide. I’m happy that JustaBXgirl still enjoys Paw Patrol but if your little feels that the pups are a little young for them Bulls-i-Toy has you covered. They offer these collectible candy dispensers in a variety of our favorite brands.

5 Surprise Mini Brands – JustaBXgirl like many other littles is obsessed with these balls. She loves opening them to find items that we use daily in our lives. She enjoys her dolls having the same groceries that we do. These are wonderful for stockings since they’re round and who likes wrapping round items? Wait a minute…I forgot to ask, do you wrap stocking stuffers? I don’t so these are one of my go-to type stuffers. I love that 5 Surprise has different types of balls so you can get a variety for your stockings or even for classmate gifts.

FGTeeV Squishy Figures – Just today, someone left a comment on the photo I took with the FGTeeV family last winter! This family is a household name. Since this is the first holiday the toys will be out I consider them to be one of those ooh ooh ooh toys. In case you waited too long and missed the Giant TV  you want to stock up on these to make up on your faux pas.

Ryan’s World Light Ups – If you don’t already know this, anything Ryan’s World is a win.  These are great for stocking stuffers because they are simple and sweet. They make ideal classmate gifts because they don’t take much room. I haven’t met a little that isn’t inst Ryan’s World and since these are blind bags you don’t have to worry if they already have the toy because they won’t care as long as they get to unbag it!

Marvel Spiderman Puzzle Palz – I love that even after the capsule is open littles have to put in work with this collectible. The figure comes in seven pieces waiting to be put together to be played with. But wait, there’s more. These collectibles are ERASERS!!! Say what? Yup, these collectibles serve a purpose. These can be a gift for little and big because they can serve as a homework helper. I’m not sure how schools will feel about these popping up but I think it is worth packing them up in a pencil case. These also make perfect classmate gift as they are fun and functional.

Super Impulse World’s Smallest – I love these toys. They are a perfect stocking stuffer for all ages. As you’ve probably seen on our Instagram, JustaBXgirl enjoys using World’s Smallest toys in her dollhouses. They are often gifts for dolls’ birthday parties or simply part of the day’s adventures. They’re the perfect gift for adults because they take us back to simpler times. They bring a sense of nostalgia as we have the opportunity to reminisce about our own childhood when we owned some of the items.


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