Holiday Gift Guide: Gamer Edition

Holiday Gift Guide: Gamer Edition

We received many of these items for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains some affiliate links.

Are you a gamer family? Wait, don’t answer that yet. See, gamer is one of those words that sometimes mean different things to different people. For the sake of this post when I ask if you’re into gaming I’m asking if you or anyone in your family enjoy playing ANY types of games. If you say yes then this is the guide for you. I will break gaming into four categories, board games, card games, video games and, phone app games.

Board Games

Stink Bug – This is a fun game for little ones. It’s a fun matching game that adds a few cool additions. The game allows littles to practice sharing when they find a love bug and being sneaky when the sneak bug comes out. Nobody wants to find a stink bug though!

Yeti Forgetti – You already know that I love games that can travel easily. JustaBXgirl has loved the Yet games and this one will be coming with us next time we get on a plane. It takes concentration to play and might result in some frustration (usually more from the bigs than the littles) but that is part of the fun. Will you find a Yeti or a snow crab?

Orangutwang – We love this kind of game. JustaBXgirl is really good at these kinds of games and always has been. I love that none of the littles in my life realize that they are learning reasoning and logic while figuring where to hang their items.

Card Games

Magic The Gathering – Commander Primal Genesis – Magic takes me back to being a teen and sitting for hours watching friends play it.  I was always amazed by how serious they took the game and how they seemed to instinctively know what moves to make. This is a whole other way to get young people to think about logic and strategy. If you’re looking to get your teen to unplug this might be an interesting way to get them interested in something new.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Pokemon cards are another great way to get littles to unplug. They also serve as a great way to get younger and older littles to connect. JustaBXgirl has recently wanted to collect the cards so that she can play with her older cousins. I’m excited to see her learn how to play the game. These were a huge hit over the summer for my nephew’s tenth birthday so I knew they had to make the holiday wishlist.

Video Games

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield – Okay, we have spoken about unplugging games but we know that the holidays aren’t the time to try something new. Save that for January first. Until then I am sure your Pokemon trainers will love to master these games until you pull the plug. JustaBXgirl tried this out at a recent Nintendo store event and continued her requests for the Nintendo Switch.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Here’s a game that makes me want to get the Switch. Mario and Sonic together in one game?! Cue my 80s kid screams now. I know it will be just as big of a hit when I give it to JustaBXgirl’s godbrother for Christmas. I’ll be almost as cool as his parents whom are getting him a Switch.

Fortnite – If your littles aren’t already addicted to this game stop reading now! Seriously, almost every little I know over the age of eight is completely over the moon for this game. The excitement that comes with new releases and new skins, etc makes some littles feel like it is Christmas every day.



Harry Potter Hogwart’s Mystery – I’ve been playing this on and off since it came out and let me tell you that I LOVE being a student at Hogwarts. Throw in being taught by familiar characters and getting to go on adventures in the school and they had me at HELLO. There are house cups to win, quidditch matches and cursed vaults to find.

Disney Frozen Adventure – This is a new app for me. It is the traditional match-three app with some Disney magic included. Ever want to help Elsa and Anna design Arendelle? This game is for you.

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