Like A Boss – Movie Review

Like A Boss – Movie Review

You didn’t think I was going to get tickets for you to see the movie and not be there to laugh out loud with you, did you? I was at the same advance screening that I offered you tickets to attend. Were you there? Did you see me? Did you say hi? Make sure to get your tickets to next week’s screening of Dolittle here.

Anyway, you’re here because either you have seen the movie and you want someone to share in being able to talk about the fun OR you haven’t seen it yet and you are wondering if you should go to the theaters and check it out. I’m here to give you my NO SPOILER thoughts on LIKE A BOSS.

Let’s get the first thing out of the way. Was the movie funny? Well, what do you think? It stars Tiffany Haddish. Of course, the movie is funny. This movie had a lot of moments that will have the theater laughing together but to me, it was the comedy that didn’t generate the biggest laughs that kept the movie moving forward. You know the type of comedy that I’m talking about. The thing that is so regular funny or real funny that makes you turn to the friend you’re watching the movie with and give them the “you saw/heard that, right” look. The cast in the movie could probably make reading the phone book sounds hilarious. I enjoy all of them individually but together they were wonderful. Tiffany and Rose’s characters have amazing chemistry and their friendship not only entertained me but really touched me because beyond the laughs and crude comments you could see that they really were each other’s persons.

Speaking of which, the way this movie addresses friendship is one that I enjoyed more than I have in recent movies. Maybe because these characters were written in a way that reminded me of me and my friends. All the friends in the movie, from our two shining stars to our supporting cast all truly cared about each other. They didn’t always remember to say it or show it but they were there when their friends needed them. They also gave us a reminder that it is so important to always be honest with each other because when we’re not things just aren’t going to work out.

I do wish that Salma Hayek’s character, Claire Luna was more developed. I feel like she was just made to be a villain and that the dudes she from Get Some were only sexist and ignorant. All three of them seemed to two-dimensional villains. Even though there was nothing two-dimensional about how Salma looked in this movie (and every day). She is stunning.

For real though, this film is one of those that I think can be looked at as simply a fun chick-flick comedy to see with friends OR a film that you can sit and debate the layers included in the film. And there are quite a few layers to pull back. You can start with the layers to Mia and Mel’s relationship and keep peeling down to what women are expected to want. We can spend hours discussing what success means because even though they are besties with over twenty years of friendship, Mia and Mel had different definitions of what it means to be a success. I’m happy that ultimately they were able to find a resolution that had them both feeling successful.



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