Family Movie Night: Scoob!

Family Movie Night: Scoob!

We miss going to movie screenings and running into friends. We miss getting buckets of popcorn that are much too big and drinking way too much soda and slushies. I don’t miss paying way too much at concession stands or having to keep JustaBXgirl awake on the way home after attending a screening on a school night. A lot of things are changing in our world currently and I hope allowing people to access movies at home on premiere day is one that is here to stay.

Renting or purchasing films is a game-changer, especially for bigger families. There are so many perks to being able to watch a brand new movie from the comfort of your own home. Do I think we should be done with theater releases? Nah, some movies just have to be seen on the BIG screen but eight out of ten can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

We turned our Scoob! watch party into dinner theater. We filled our bellies then snuggled up and enjoyed the movie. And yes, we enjoyed the movie…A lot. Scooby is very special to me. Not only was Scooby and friends a favorite of mine as a child but it has been a favorite for JustaBXgirl for years. Scooby is one of the cartoons that she would bond over with her older cousins. I think that Scooby and the gang are the reason that Justabxgirl loves mysteries so much.

You already know that I don’t do spoilers around here so if you want specifics on the movie, you will have to check out a different blog! What I will share is that the movie had us feeling all the feels. There were plenty of jokes to make the adults teehee while going directly over the littles heads. There were plenty of cameos for adults to say, “oh, I remember that.” There were plenty of characters that the littles will be asking more about. The movie was a fun introduction to the Hanna-Barbera universe and a wonderful trip through my childhood. And while it introduced a new universe, it felt familiar to both adults and littles alike.

For JustaBXgirl, it was a good movie about friendship. It was a good lesson on loyalty. It left space open for parents to discuss these things with littles. How often do we take time to talk to our children about what it means to be a good friend? How often do we ask our littles about their friendships? How often do we prepare our littles for the subtle shifts that happen in those friendships over time, especially when new faces might enter their lives?

Come on, I know you knew I was going to go deep. I like to look at movies meant for children and think of ways that they can lead to a discussion. When we go to the movie theater and JustaBXgirl isn’t too tired on the way home we usually have these discussions. Watching the movies at home gives us the opportunity to have discussions in real-time. We can pause the film and talk about what just happened. If we see things differently then we can rewatch the scene and look at it through a new lens, the other person’s perspective.

JustaBXgirl and I are different in some ways. I like going into seeing a movie pure. Yea, I might see one trailer but then I don’t want to set expectations for the movie. I don’t go digging. JustaBXgirl wants to see every trailer made. When we watched this movie she would get super excited and tell me she knew what was coming because she saw the trailer.

Since she was already familiar with some aspects of the movie, she was prepared to meet the little shapeshifting robot things. They were a complete surprise to me. I will say though, that it didn’t take long for me to warm up to them even if they were kind of villains. I really liked how even when it came to these not so good guys the theme of friendship was important. I mean, even when it comes to our real villain, Dick Dastardly, friendship is at the heart of his desires.

As I type this, JustaBXgirl is working on her own review of the movie for her brand new site, Soco Stylez. It will be live this week so you should head over there and let her know what you think about her first official review. And, if you made it this far, make sure to head over to the official Scoob movie site and check out their activity book that’s a free download.

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