Movie Review: Four Kids And It

Movie Review: Four Kids And It

We received a digital code to review the movie. As always, all opinions are honest and my own

After we had fun with our Premiere Night photoshoot for Four Kids And It, it was time to get down to business and watch the movie! We couldn’t just share our fun-filled night of snacks and Door Dash without sharing our thoughts on the film.

You can see from the trailer that there is a lot going on and it all seems like a lot of fun. Let me tell you that it is. I was really interested in how Russell Brand would do in a children’s movie. I mean, I absolutely love him but I wouldn’t have seen him as kid-friendly. I stand corrected because he was completely appropriately inappropriate as the villain in this film.

Now you already know that we don’t do that spoiler thing over here so I will share what I like about the film without being too specific. From the trailer, you get the basis of the film. Family vacation. Magic wish-granting creature. Villain chasing kids and the creature. That alone leads to adventures and laughs and a full story that can capture the audience BUT there is so much more going on that I really want to point out to you.


The family is newly blended. I mean BRAND NEW. The children don’t meet until they are on the holiday!!! Yes! You read that correctly. Their parents thought it would be a good idea to bring four kids together for the first time on vacation. Seriously, we could have had a movie on that alone and it would have been hilarious, no villain needed.

There are so many layers to what is going on with the children and I liked that a lot of the focus is on the older girls. Both are having a rough time dealing with their estranged parents and letting go of the dream of a perfect family. They show it in very different ways and it was really endearing to see them warm up to each other over the course of the film. I simply adore the younger children. They show a lot more maturity and acceptance than the older ones at times and Maudie, the youngest is great on delivering zingers.

I like watching movies with JustaBXgirl that showcase families looking different. It’s something I have pointed out to her since she was tiny. This was a great opportunity to look at how families can come together and blend despite differences. And watching Paula Patton not being able to cook throughout most of the film to only be able to get a successful dinner right when the kids couldn’t sit still to eat it was an extra giggle.

If you’re interested in doing some giggling yourself, then make sure to go check out the Premier Night post and enter to win 1 of the 5 digital codes that I am giving away!

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