October Bookshelf

October Bookshelf

We received some of these titles for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest & my own. This post contains affiliate links.

This month we cohosted an in person story time event with Strive Higher. I know, anything in person is a bit scary right now but we were socially distant and safe. JustaBXgirl was excited to share a book that she had picked up last year at a book fair. Another thing that this year has taken away, the chance to visit book fairs and pick out new favorites. Even though, I saw a good point on social media recently about book fairs being a child’s introduction to class and poverty lines. Many of us have memories of realizing that our homes didn’t have as many resources as our classmates because we couldn’t purchase books so maybe it’s not so bad that this year doesn’t have them.

Anyway, that’s a post for another day! This post is to give you a list that includes what we’re reading and what we’re giving this month!

Pete The Cat – Trick or Pete – This was our story time read. This is a lift the flap book which of course adds to the fun. JustaBXgirl didn’t go through a big Pete the Cat phase but every once in a while she would find something from him that she just adored. This falls into that category.

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2021 – This year, more than ever I have looked to add items to our home that has multiple values. I want the items in our home to entertain, educate and allow us to escape the feeling of being trapped at home. JustaBXgirl has loved wild animals since she was tiny. Now, I’m not talking about domestic animals. She spent her formative years with Wild Kratts and The Octonauts so she knows a lot about animal life. We also spend time watching documentaries. And one of our favorite traveling things to do is visiting AZA accredited zoos. This year, the only zoo we’re hitting is our own Bronx Zoo so to meet some new friends we crack open this 2021 Almanac.

National Geographic Kids United States Atlas Sixth Edition – You know that thing about feeling trapped in the house? Cracking open an atlas is an awesome at-home escape. I’ll be honest with you. I never mastered learning where every state is and I still don’t know the capitals of all of them so this atlas is as helpful for me as it is for JustaBXgirl. We can take a road trip from the comfort of our couch!

National Geographic Kids Beginner’s United States Atlas Third Edition – You can get this one too! The information in them differs a little bit and this is great for younger readers. We recently gave this to a friend that is being partially homeschooled for his birthday because again it is a gift for both littles and bigs.

He’s Not Just Teasing – There is a difference between playful teasing and bullying. This book clearly defines where that line lies. It also is a good reminder that speaking to a caring adult can really help. Malcolm shared what was going on with his mom and she empowered him to handle it himself, using his own resources. That was a great lesson for littles and bigs. Often times we want to swoop in and protect our babies but they need to be their own voice.

My Name’s Sammy, and I’m No Snitch – This book is a great way to differentiate when children should come to adults. Bullying is a bog things for all littles. Even if your child isn’t being bullied they are effected if there is a bully in their class or school. Many children get the message that they are not supposed to “snitch” but very little times is it explained to them exactly what that means. This book does a great job explaining when things need to be reported.

Delightfully Different Fairy Tales – We are avid fans of fairy tales. It’s always fun to see different versions of those tales as old as time. This book contains more modern versions of Cinderella, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. The illustrations are fun and the stories stick to the plots we know.

The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet – Something else that has become important during this time of solitude is keeping a balanced mindset. This was a gift from a dear friend. I’m finding my zen while giggling with Pooh. I haven’t finished it yet but think it is a perfect link between my balance and my love of Pooh.

Parenting in a Tech World – I’ve followed the work done at Bark Technologies for a while so when word about this book from Matt McKee and Titania Jordan popped into my inbox I knew I had to read it. The world that JustaBXgirl is growing up with is very different than the one I did. I’ve been doing my best to introduce internet safety to her since she was tiny since she is in the public eye but the closer it gets to her being able to manage her own online accounts the more nervous I get. I like that this book is filled not only with the dangers of the internet but also strategies to combat those dangers. And it doesn’t stop there. This isn’t a book that only serves parental figures. It is a gift to young ones too because it helps the parental figures find ways to open dialogue that can build lasting and meaningful conversations that lead to lessons that lead to stronger relationships for all.

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