Mother’s Day Gifts That Mom Really Wants

Mother’s Day Gifts That Mom Really Wants

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We were sent some of these items for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Mother’s Day is around the corner!!!! How are you planning to celebrate the moms in your life? I’ve decided this year to celebrate myself and spend the day with my two best friends. In the past, I have always thought about Mother’s Day as a daughter or as a day to keep my daughter entertained. This year, I am taking time to truly celebrate myself. Even if celebrating looks like spending the day on my bestie’s couch. Chances are that if you are reading this then you are a mom. I am here for you. I have created a list of items to ask for that you will actually enjoy. No need to pretend with these. If they get you anything on this list then you will be smiling. Plus, most are available with quick shipping for those people that tend to forget to order in time!

Custom Envy Photo Blanket – I am a sucker for photo gifts. I always have been and always will be. And I’m a fan of blankets. JustaBXgirl and JustaBXgrandpa are always asking why I keep buying blankets when we have so many. I just can’t help myself. If you’re not as into blankets as I am, don’t worry, Custom Envy has all types of photo products that you will love. Back to my blanket though…it was super easy to design. I was able to choose from a number of designs and decided on one with multiple images. It is super soft and JustaBXgirl keeps trying to steal it from me. I will be treasuring it for years. Oh, and since you know I’m always looking for deals, run and check them out because there is currently an up to 50% sale happening on the site!

Socially Twisted – I am the Queen of Game Night! Yup, I just gave myself the title, crown, and sash. Seriously though, if you’ve been around here for a while then you know we love playing board games. What you might not know is that my love for games wasn’t birthed with my child. I have been a game night hostess with the mostest since way back when. I don’t get as much time to play with friends anymore but this game is great for when the littles go to bed. Just make sure that you have some distance between the gameplay and the sleeping babes because you will be laughing out loud as you try to out story your opponents with the funniest, most absurd, and at times raunchy story!

Cricut – Two of my friends have recently gotten these machines and I am green with envy. The things that they are creating are so freaking fabulous. I am borderline obsessed. This non-creative creative person needs this in my life. You can create designs for shirts, stationery, decals and so much more.

Mixtiles – Remember how I mentioned loving photo gifts? These things are everything. When I first saw them on someone’s Instagram account I thought that they would be way out of my price range because they are so gorgeous and chic. I was beyond pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are. They are only $11 per tile and they regularly have sales and coupon codes available.

Mommy & Me Journal – I picked one of these up recently and genuinely enjoy reading what my daughter adds to it. It is a great experience for mothers and daughters to take some time to get to know each other. I also bought a second one to fill out about myself and share with my daughter when she gets older. Mother’s Day is after all about being a mother so taking this opportunity to bond with my baby girl is a blessing that I do not count lightly.

Zak Designs Genesis Water Bottle – You might remember me raving about Zak Designs last month for Earth Day. I’m here to toot their horns again. This bottle screams mom didn’t come to play. If you’re like me then you are good at drinking water until your bottle empties. I will sit and stare at an empty bottle in despair, then pour myself a cup of juice because I don’t want to refill my water bottle five times a day knowing that it will cause me to refill the water pitcher in the refrigerator. Genesis doesn’t want to hear my excuses. She is ready to hold 64 ounces of water at a time to keep me hydrated.

I know that sometimes it is difficult to remember that we deserve some splurging too. Whatever it is you do to celebrate yourself or the moms in your world please remember that a mother’s job is never done and should be celebrated regularly and not just once a year.

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