June Watch List – What Ya Watching?

June Watch List – What Ya Watching?

It is summer, summertime! Summer means that we are doing our best to get sunkissed, stay socially distant, and still keeping up with all things entertainment. You don’t follow me because I’m an entertainment blogger. You follow me because I am a mama that is doing my best to share our adventures including what we are watching. This month we have had our favorites on REPEAT! Yup, you won’t see too many titles to check out this month because we were watching and rewatching over and over again a few select choices.

In The Heights – Yup, I already shared my love of this movie a few weeks ago in this post. I just need to make sure you understand how amazing this film is and what it truly represents. This is a movie about learning to embrace the life you have. It is a celebration of everyday life and a reminder to keep our eyes on our suenitos. I have watched it numerous times on HBO Max and have even gone to the theater to see it! That is something that I haven’t done before. Watching it on the big screen made me feel as if it was a brand new movie. I swear things looked and sounded different. I know that there has been some talk about the movie not being Dominican enough to be called Washington Heights and controversy around the different and not-so-different shades of the cast. I can only speak for myself. I hear and respect those concerns. I think that this movie was a true love letter to NYC. I think that the flavor and feel of the City vibrates throughout the film. I think that someone that has never stepped foot in the city or in Washington Heights could watch this movie and feel as if they traveled here. I think that musicals are tough sells but this one was created with and has created magic. I hope everyone can see it and hold onto that.

Cruella – I must admit that I didn’t really have any expectations of this movie. We know that I am a Disney Diva yet, I have never had a connection to 101 Dalmations and Cruella. I never really paid her much attention except when she was in Once Upon A Time (which you can see on Disney Plus if you haven’t already) and the Descendants movies. This movie has changed that completely. Emma Stone as Cruella was fabulous. This is an origin story that I did not know I needed! The fashion included in the movie was another gift. JustaBXgirl has recently begun enjoying classic rock so the soundtrack was also right up her alley. You can watch this on Disney Plus or even OWN it digitally. And if you’re like JustaBXgirl and like to own a physical copy don’t worry, it will be out on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD this September, the 21st to be exact.

Luca – Disney Plus does not disappoint! This was the perfect movie night pick to set off our summer. There are so many different lessons to grab from the film on top of it simply being fun! The colors are vibrant and you truly feel as if you’ve been transported to a small Italian town. Am I the only one that truly misses travel? This movie allowed JustaBXgirl and myself to have conversations about friendship. We were able to discuss the friendships in the movies and how even when you care about others there are times when you might cause them pain. Luca and Alberto’s friendship was one of the most authentic and honest friendships that I have seen in a children’s movie. And can we talk about Giulia and her dad? Giulia is a little spitfire. I adored her. She was the perfect balance to Luca and Alberto while still being a complete character. Her dad, Massimo is awesome. His love for his child is evident. Despite having an imposing presence, he is full of heart and compassion. I also love how there wasn’t some huge backstory on him losing his arm. As he stated, he was simply born that way. That is how you show representation. It is just there. No big buildup. It simply is. Don’t have Disney Plus? Don’t fret, August 3rd Luca Splashes onto Digital, 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, and DVD! I’m sure I will be sharing about it once again!

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