July Toy School – What Summer Slide?

July Toy School – What Summer Slide?

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Every summer there’s talk about the summer slide. You are scared into believing that your little will forget every single thing they have ever learned. I’m here to tell you to calm down and breathe. Your little will not forget every single thing BUT they will forget some stuff. That’s natural. Think of the saying, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” That’s what happens. Most times, the memory will be jumpstarted when the subject is reintroduced. Sometimes it is gone forever.

This doesn’t mean that you should be making your littles sit at their workspace all day every day all summer practicing every single lesson they learned through the school year. This means that you should find fun ways to keep them using those lessons throughout the summer. Or don’t! Remember that just like us, our littles have lived through a traumatic experience for the past year and a half. And they have done it without the level of cognitive understanding that you have.

If your little feels the need to do nothing productive this summer then please allow it. Give them grace. Yet, still, give them options. Here are a few things keeping our productivity options for this summer.

Botley 2.0 the coding robot – I have shared how cute Coding Critters are before. They are a great introduction to coding for littles. Botley 2.0 is kind of the next step. Botley 2.0 has been renamed Princess in our home and is JustaBXgirl’s newest best friend. They have a blast together as JustaBXgirl teaches (programs) Princess to do new things. It amazed JustaBXgirl how she can control Princess with a few commands. They have dance parties and go on adventures all through our apartment. For added fun, you can add the Botley Costume! Party Kit, Botley Face Mask (4-pack), Botley Color Wraps to your Botley 2.0 shopping trip. They allow for more customization options which JustaBXgirl truly adores and how Princess got her name.

World of Gemstones Dig Kit – Last month I shared the Fossil Discovery kit. This month, I wanted to share this one. We are going to pair it with a visit to the American Museum of Natural History’s Gemstone Room. That’s the fun with at-home learning. You can build around it. This kit is a great stand-alone as well. I love how it has the 3 continent blocks that allow us to discuss what we know about Africa, Asia, and Europe. JustaBXgirl is simply excited about digging out real-life gemstones.

Paint Your Own Sea Life Figurines – Art is life in our home. It is also education in itself. Art teaches littles so many skills and lessons that I would be here for days if I tried to list them all. Figures like this can also be used to build out some lessons. We can visit an aquarium to see the animals’ colors in real life. We can watch videos on Youtube. We can read books about them. The options are endless. We can also decide if we want to paint these lifelike or magical!

myFirst Sketch Book – Remember how I said that Art is life? JustaBXgirl is always creating and gifting me sketches and drawings. This product is helping to save the trees in my home! She can create her sketches and drawings on the device then transfer them to her phone app. Once on the app, she can save the images as photos and send me a text. Just please remember that you have to charge both the device and the pen. I really appreciate that it comes with a case for easy travel.

Just My Style Neon Glow Tie Dye – Can you have summer without tie-dye? We started our tie-dye season earlier this year. Did you see some of what we came up with over on IG? I’m really impressed with the vibrancy of the colors in this kit. It really comes with enough that you can lace the entire fam out with some tie-dye swag!

Rainbow Fraction Measuring Cups – Why do I need to know fractions? I don’t know kid. You tell me, as you ask if we can bake cupcakes and brownies. I’m all about learning toys that can be used in everyday life and this is one! It lives on our kitchen counter and JustaBXgirl puts herself in charge of sharing out the proper measurements in any recipe we make. She doesn’t feel as if she’s learning. She simply is doing. Best kind of learning. They are visually stimulating and allow littles to really get a feel for fractions. I adore all things hand to mine which is why I became an affiliate. Have you checked out all of the brands I am an affiliate with?

Aeroflyt Triblade – Goliath Games has done it again. You might remember when we highlighted Zoom Ball a while back. Now there is Aeroflyt Triblade. It is a triangle boomerang and much easier to toss than a traditional boomerang. Everyone screaming “we outside.” I’m still not ready to go to crowded locations but I am ready to get out to an empty field or beach and have some fun!

Mood Joy soak in spirits – Don’t forget that in order to grow their minds little ones have to grow their bodies. We want them to continue to grow and be healthy happy individuals. While we are busy teaching them to read and count, let us not forget to teach them to care for themselves. Hygiene is a lesson we usually deliver when they are tiny, then when they start to smell like stinky teens. If we give them ways to refresh their spirits while refreshing their bodies we help alleviate stress for them and us!

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