Do You Use Advent Calendars?

Do You Use Advent Calendars?

Growing up, I didn’t do Advent Calendars for Christmas. I mean, once in a while we would have the chocolate countdown ones but we just ate the candy when we wanted and not on the schedule. As a mom, I was all about the fun behind these things and realized it was a great way to begin teaching JustaBXgirl about moderation. Let me tell you something, this child has mastered moderation in a way that I never will.

When JustaBXmom was smaller, I would be the extra mom that would create an Advent Calendar for her. Remember the year that I did the Shopkins one? That might have been my favorite (and it was my first). Then, there was the year that I did a book a day as our Christmas countdown. Since then, we have done socks and reading advent books. The reading a chapter a day countdown books are now our tradition. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still purchase advent gifts! Instead of creating my own, I now purchase already made calendars and wrap them as single gifts. What? Why?

Remember how I said that JustaBXgirl is a master of moderation. That training goes deep. Once she unwraps her Christmas gifts, she is not allowed to open everything up. Instead, she chooses a gift a day or every other day and is allowed to open it then. I know, that might sound mean. Let littles be little. Let them enjoy their gifts. The thing is, when she has to choose which is the gift of the day, it helps her hone in on her likes. It helps her stay focused. And it allows her to stay interested in her gifts a lot longer. What does any of this have to do with Advent Calendars? I add them under the tree as a full gift because then she gets to open all of the days at once when she chooses that gift! It’s this mean mama’s way of skirting the moderation rule a bit.

Whether you use them as one gift or as a countdown. There are a lot of fun pre-made Advent Calendars out there. Here are a few that I know JustaBXgirl would be happy to find under our tree.

L.O.L. Outfit Of The Day – If you have a L.O.L. fan then you already know that this is a find. We love getting anything exclusive or limited edition so I know this would feel like a prize. And who wouldn’t be excited about looks for every day?

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar – Do you see the figures that come with this set? This set would keep JustaBXgirl busy for hours. And the adventures that the figures would have would be endless. LEGO is huge in our home, so I know that these holiday builds would be very appreciated.

Fidget Advent Calendar – I really want to play with everything in this one. Yup, you know I love me a good fidget toy. And if you think about it, aren’t fidget toys a great idea for a countdown. They help keep focus and settle distractions.

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