December Watchlist – Not Just Xmas Flicks

December Watchlist – Not Just Xmas Flicks

I just knew that I would have a full list of holiday movies for you this month. Yup, what had happened was…we had planned to watch a bunch of Christmas movies but there were just so many options and so many good non-holiday-themed movies that you got a bit of both on this here list. A little something for everyone.

Return To The Outback – This movie had us giggling and saying, “did they just say/do that?” It was great to see the “ugly” animals commanding the spotlight. Even through the laughs and silliness of these animals working to Return to the Outback, this movie gave us messages about loyalty, family, and being honest with ourselves and those around us.

Passing – I need to say that I have not read the book so I cannot compare the film to it. I will say that it is not often that a movie ending takes me by surprise. These women played their roles superbly. Their relationship was filled with love and complexities. The issues that this film covered leave space for many conversations around race, sexual orientation, and more. If you’re looking for something to watch once the kids go to bed, check this out.

Encanto – Is it just me or does Mirabel look a bit like me now that I have short hair? Okay, back to the movie, it is everything that you have heard. It is beautifully animated. I’m talking each frame is pure art. The colors jump off of the screen. Then there’s the music. From the first song, you will be dancing and singing along. Disney soundtracks really are magical. Don’t worry, the music and animation in no way overshadow the story. The story is strong. Its messages are powerful. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how impressed I was with the diversity in the Madrigal family. It reminded me of my own family. I’ll never stop sharing how important it is for children (and adults) to see people that look like them. On one of the bonus features, someone from the animation team shared about how this movie allows Black boys in Colombia to truly feel empowered because of Antonio. The movie is now available to own digitally and will be available on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD February 8 just in time for Valentine’s Day gifts!

Home Sweet Home Alone – I won’t front, I was very skeptical about this movie. Like, how could anyone leave their child home alone and go to another country in this day and age??? They handled it very well. They thought about all of the things we would question and then answered them for us. The movie was lighthearted fun and filled with just as many antics as the original.

The Claus Family – We watched this movie on Christmas night. I was blown away by how good it was. I’m used to Christmas movies being full of cheesy feel-good moments and moral lessons but this movie was so much more. This movie dealt with grief, starting over, following dreams, working as a single parent, family relationships, and more. It covered these topics in a way that didn’t feel preachy. And I completely loved the elves!

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