#HiHomeschool – Typesy Review

#HiHomeschool – Typesy Review

We received these products for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

I took a keyboarding class when I was in tenth grade. It was a requirement at my high school. It was also something that was looked forward to since many of us did not have an opportunity to type regularly. Sounds crazy, right? That was the 1990s for ya! Today, we live in a generation where kindergarteners were sent home from school with laptops so that they can participate in virtual school. Many of our littles have been on a tablet or some form of electronic device since they were in diapers. Suffice to say that learning how to type has become more than just an elective for our lives.

Our littles have to learn how to type. There is no if, and, or but about that. The thing is though, most littles first experience with typing is on a handheld device which is very different than typing on a keyboard. We want our babies to learn how to type on keyboards. And we want them to learn how to do it properly because once they have that skill, it can’t be taken away from them. I sit here typing this with my hands over the keys in the manner I learned over twenty years ago watching the television I have on in the background. I don’t worry about making errors because I trust my skill. I want my daughter to feel just as confident. That is why we wanted to review Typesy.

I love that even with all of the features on the site, Typesy takes customer service even further and sends tips to help make sure that you feel control and support for your journey as a typing instructor! Typesy makes it easy for us as the adults and makes it fun for our littles. Most typing tutorials that I have seen tend to shift more towards the boring side of things. I mean, let’s be real, how many ways can you possibly learn the home row? Typesy found a way to make it edutainment.

It is also very affordable. And you know that I am all about things that are worth their cost. Check out the chart below that gives the breakdowns of what you get for your money. You are going to be almost as excited for the price as you are everything it includes!

  1. How do children learn using this curriculum? It’s hands-on learning! LOL. Couldn’t miss that joke! Children learn by doing. They have two learning paths. There is a traditional typing tutorial path that is a lot more fun than any typing class I’ve ever experienced. There are videos that empower the student to feel like their typing to save the world. There is also a learning path that is aligned with common core curriculum
  2. How can I track what my child is doing? There is an admin portal that allows you to check in and see your child’s progress, activity and Typesy points.
  3. What input do I have in what my child is learning? You can assign curriculum through the parent portal.
  4. What grades does this curriculum cover? Typesy has 4,000 lessons and is designed with 2nd – 10th graders in mind.
  5. What does this curriculum cost? Typesy’s Homeschool accounts start at $67 for 5 years access!

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