Toys That Don’t Get Old

Toys That Don’t Get Old

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We get a lot of toys. I often joke about living in a toy store. It really does feel that way sometimes. The thing is, even when new toys come in there are some toys that never go out of rotation. I’m sure that sometimes it is hard to believe that we love everything we write about because we are writing about new things all of the time. I get that. The thing is, if you’ve been around here for a while then I hope you know I do my best to be transparent and authentic. As I was thinking about what to write about this week, it dawned on me how many old toys are still consistently in use in my home. This list doesn’t include everything that gets played with regularly. I would be here way too long typing all of that. It does however contain items that I see JustaBXgirl or HOPS use more than once a week. Please be aware that some of the items on this list might be difficult to find as they are YEARS old. When possible, I have included links to my original posts and where to find these items now. I’m also interested in what toys never go out of style in your home. Share in the comments.

Antsy Pants Dinosaur – This one is such a winner in our home that when I started watching HOPS, her mother hunted to find one for her home, which ended up finding its way back to my home. Yup, now I have two dinosaur hoppers at home and sometimes two still isn’t enough! Unfortunately, you can’t find these in stores anymore but you can check out places like Mercari and eBay. If you don’t want a gently loved one, you can get a different hopper like this one on Amazon.

Owleez – I just realized that I hadn’t even posted about this gem! I cannot count the HOURS we have spent with this owl. It is truly a family affair. Even my 28-year-old brother enjoys flying her around the house. HOPS takes care of her by holding her and rocking her. JustaBXgirl likes to “train” her. She is definitely a favorite but that is no surprise since she comes from Spin Master and they never disappoint.

Bunny Hopkins Wobble Board – I am not exaggerating when I say that this gets used every day still! It is a slide, a wobble board, a ramp/bridge for vehicles, a desk when there isn’t one closer, a portal to a magical land, a step to help HOPS reach something in the Disney Princess kitchen, and countless other forms. When I first shared the Wobble Board, I mentioned that it is an investment. It has been in my home for over a year, and I am still singing its praise.

The Butterfly Lap Desk is a great place to get to work on her MegaGeex worksheets

3C4G Butterfly Lap Desk – JustaBXgirl and HOPS both love using this. I use it occasionally during Zoom meetings. I know it isn’t a toy but it gets so much use that I couldn’t leave it off the list. JustaBxgirl uses this lap desk for EVERYTHING. She uses it to hold her computer while homeschooling. She uses it to write in her notebooks while completing assignments. She uses it to do art projects on. She uses it to paint her nails. It really is one of those things that we didn’t realize how much we needed until we received it.

How many Shopkins do you think are in this photo?

Shopkins – I questioned adding Shopkins to the list because we add new ones to the collection with some regularity. They are one of the only toys that JustaBXgirl doesn’t hesitate to spend her own money on. You know how it goes, they don’t worry about where they spend our money but the moment it comes from them, they need to think about it! She doesn’t have to think about it with Shopkins. She has well over 600 in her collection. These were probably the first toys we started collecting. She uses them for all types of play. They play background characters in just about all of her pretend play. She takes photos of them. She displays them. It has been a while but she has even swapped them.

A-Z Groceries – This post proves that we have always been toy schoolers. These are from my first year of blogging. I know, I can’t believe it either. In full transparency, we do not have the entire alphabet any longer. We do however have about 12 remaining letters standing strong. Those letters get so much love. M for Milk and L for Lemonade probably get the most attention. JustaBXgirl has a doll names Myra that loves to cook. JustaBXgirl uses the A-Z Groceries as part of Myra’s ingredients. HOPS uses them to make me breakfast and lunch.

Garbage – Here is a fun family card game. It’s fun and fast-paced. It is great for all ages. It helps little ones with number recognition and is simply fun. It’s great for a family game night and fabulous to pack when on vacation.

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