#FatherFriday – Greg B

#FatherFriday – Greg B

I know, I know.  I’ve been slacking with my Daddy shout outs.  Please know that it is not because there are not fathers that should be acknowledged.  It’s more that Fridays are always a little hectic in my world.  Sadly though now other day of the week fits a dad shout out hashtag.  Anyway I say all of that because I am going to work better at keeping my schedule.

I couldn’t miss today’s #fatherfriday.  It’s a little premature because the man being featured is awaiting the birth of his first child.  Today is his birthday so I figured it would be a good time to tell him that I think he is going to be one of the best fathers I know.  He has been a great friend to me since way before either of us were considering becoming parents.

We met in a world where popping bottles and team no sleep had very different meanings than the world he is about to enter!  More than ten years later we both have been on many adventures but now I am so happy to help welcome him and his girlfriend into the secret society of parenthood.  And yes while being a parent might not be a secret it is a whole new world and might as well be a secret society.

Becoming a parent you will learn a new language, your child will haze you, you will look at the other parents in your village as your brothers and sisters, you will look at your own parents as wise founding members and you will wonder what took you so long to join.

Greg B. is going to master this club.  He is one of those people that just makes you know that the world can be a better place.  He is the friend that will be there to let you cry on his shoulder but will then pick your nose and make you laugh.  He is the friend that will show up at your house and say pack a bag we’re going on an adventure.  He is the friend that will wait in line for tickets to a show that he doesn’t really want to see just because he knows you’ve had it on your vision board.  He is the friend that will get excited and do a happy dance because you cooked his favorite meal.

All the things that make him a wonderful friend are going to make him a fantastic father.  I look forward to seeing him take on this adventure like the many before.  I cannot wait to see Justabxgirl and BabyBourne grow up to be friends and family just like us.

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