Mother’s Day – The Movie

Mother’s Day – The Movie

mdLet me preface this by saying I didn’t attend a special screening or get free tickets to see this movie I just felt moved to write my review.  Not sure why but this year I am feeling emotional around this holiday.  Honestly, I don’t even know the history behind how Mother’s Day began or why different countries celebrate it on different days.  Hmm, maybe that’s a blog for Sunday!

Either way I’m getting excited about it approaching and was blessed with my bestie that lives in NC to be visiting NYC and having time to go with me to see the movie.  Now here’s a warning if we ever go to movies together, I need to get there early enough to get snacks and see ALL previews.  If we get to see any of the trivia questions prior to the previews that is a bonus.


My NC bestie doesn’t care about these types of things.  When she lived in NYC I would make her wait for the next showing whenever we got to a theater too late.  Now both of us having toddler’s, her being in her third trimester with my goddaughter and living in a different state I had to let it slide that we were late!

I still needed snacks.  We went midweek and basically had the theater to ourselves.  Her husband had graciously agreed to take the toddlers to a movie that would further hold their interest at the same time so we were all set.  Gasp, we missed previews and probably about ten minutes of the movie.

This might not seem like much but it did cause us to miss part of the storyline.  Luckily we were able to catch up quickly.  Can I say that I love every single one of the actors in this film?  There is no way that I couldn’t like this movie.  I mean, have you seen the cast?  Julia Roberts to Ella Anderson (Henry Danger) and everyone in between are all amazing.  Hector Elizondo is so underrated.

The intersecting storylines isn’t usually one of my favorite types of movies because I have seen it done and looked forced.  Especially when it comes to tying things up.  This movie didn’t feel that way.  While each plot was connected it was done in a way that made them all stand alone as well.  They went to the same gym, shopped at the same markets, took their kids to the same playgrounds.  Nothing seemed forced.

I think my favorite part of the story was Kate Hudson and Sarah Chalke.  I love these two (oh, I’ve already told you I love the cast).  These two as sisters keeping secrets from their parents!  So much fun and so much room for things to go wrong.  I also loved how Kate’s husband’s mom helped move the story line to a resolution.  Kate and Sarah’s on screen dad also did a great job of reminding us that no matter how we treat our family outsiders cannot treat family wrong.

While the most comedic I think the most touching to me was Julia Roberts storyline.  I loved how her career oriented character opened up throughout the film and we found out just how much family meant to her.

The most realistic storyline to me was the Jennifer Anniston one.  Divorced mom dealing with her kids getting a new stepmom.  And that stepmom being young and GORGEOUS.  Yea, that was a lot to deal with.  I love that it was written very realistic while still being amusing.  I definitely chuckled a lot during those scenes.

If you’re still looking for something to do on Sunday I suggest taking your mom or some mom friends to see this movie.


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