Letter To The Driver

Letter To The Driver

Dear Driver,

You don’t know me and you didn’t care about my father’s life.  Last Friday you and some friends were out enjoying yourselves.  Maybe for you it was still Thursday for you because the sun hadn’t yet risen.

It was morning to us.  My father was on the way home from dropping me, my best friend, my daughter and godson to the airport.  We were on our way to the Happiest Place On Earth when you almost killed my father.  For whatever reason you were speeding recklessly on the highway.  I’m going to assume you and your buddies had been drinking since you ran away from the accident by jumping into someone else’s car and leaving your car and wallet onsite.  Avoiding a DUI was more important to you than checking and seeing if the person in the car you had just totaled was okay.

God is good and my father was blessed with minimal injury but YOU didn’t know that.  You also didn’t know that the car seat in the back of our car was empty.  I’m not sure that in your escape you even saw the car seat in the back since it was now bent and pinned by what had previously been the roof of our car.

I’m writing this online letter to tell you that you need to do better.  You need to be better.  I can only hope that the cops charge you for the hit and run.  I can only hope that by totaling my car God stopped you from killing someone else or even yourself that early morning.  I can only hope that you will never again do something so STUPID.

I wasn’t even in the car and I keep reliving the accident. I can’t even begin to imagine what my father is dealing with.  And you?  Did you go to breakfast after fleeing?  Did you head home and have a fun story to tell your friends?  Did you even for a second wonder what kind of damage you caused?  None of that really matters because you showed your character and integrity in the moment.



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