Making Memories At Disney

Making Memories At Disney

This was the first you we took a bonus trip to Disney World.  JustaBXgirl and I travel there annually for her birthday but this year we also went to Florida for her godbrother’s birthday.  It was a really fun experience.  And it made me fall in love with Magic Kingdom even more (if that was even possible).


Seeing the park dressed up for Halloween and in fall colors was actually emotional for me.  I know that sounds crazy but I really was emotional entering the park.  I love being able to give my daughter memories.  And I’m well aware that she probably won’t remember most of what we have done together up until (and beyond) this point but that is okay.  I am creating a foundation that is based on love, experiences and acceptance.  As long as she always knows those than I have succeeded.

And I get to have fun seeing all of these things through her eyes.  Because I know that she won’t remember much about our trips I am a photo taker.  I want to take photos and videos of EVERYTHING.  I’ve learned though that when in Disney the best way to get photos is to have someone else take them.


Remember, JustaBXgirl and I are a duo.  It’s just me and her so if I ever want to be in a picture I have to ask someone to take it.  Disney is probably the rare place that I get to jump into many of the photos.  I always purchase a Memory Maker.  I buy it in advance so that it saves me a little money.

I think it’s worth it.  The photographers are experienced and since they work there they know the best places to stand and the best angles for pictures.  Even if you don’t buy a Memory Maker still ask them to take your photo.  If you do get the Memory Maker make sure to stop by Disney Springs and get some photos done.  I love how these come out and this is where I get the best mommy and mini photos.


I only hope that as she gets older JustaBXgirl continues to love photos and taking them with me.  I really like that by having the Disney photographers take the photos I get to be more in the moment.  I don’t have to worry about planning a perfect shot because I know if a photographer is assigned to the area then it’s a perfect shot place.

I’m working on being more in the moment because I must admit that at times I am busy trying to create the perfect moment.  And truth be told I rarely do.  When I try to create perfect moments I tend to end up making myself and JustaBXgirl frustrated.  Life isn’t meant to be lived perfectly.

Using Disney photographers also is a great reminder that we don’t have to do it all ourselves.  I know I have trouble asking for help.  I must admit when we went to Disney in previous years I would take the same photo the photographers would take.  I would be worried that they didn’t capture it from the angle I wanted.  I’m learning to get over that.  The photo will come out how it’s supposed to come out.

JustaBXgirl and I love looking over photos and videos.  She’ll randomly ask if I have a picture of something and loves when I can pull it up from my phone. Truth is some of the best moments don’t get captured on camera but that’s okay too.  As she gets older she will retain more and like I said as long as she remember the love I’m not doing as bad of a job as I sometimes think!


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